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Aubrey Organics GPB Glycogen Protein Conditioner 11oz

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     Nutrient-rich, protein-based GPB rehydrates and reenergizes your hair, strengthens hair fiber and repairs damage from salon treatments to restore softness, manageability and shine. Non-vegan. Contains milk protein.



    Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol (From Coconut), Alcohol Denat. (38B, Lavender*), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Fragrance ‡‡, Glycerin, Milk Protein, Brassica Campestris / Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil*, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Glycine Soja Oil ‡, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil*, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Glycoprotein, Beta-Carotene ‡, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract ‡, Equisetum Hyemale (Horsetail) Extract, Tussilago Farfara (Coltsfoot) Leaf Extract, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract*.

    Everyone's hair and body responds differently to different ingredients.

    Before using any product please perform a patch test on the inner part of your elbow. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

    Nutrient-rich, protein-based GPB rehydrates and reenergizes your hair, strengthens hair fiber and repairs damage from salon treatments to restore softness, manageability and shine. Our most popular product ever. Non-vegan. Contains milk protein.
    Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base,  Organic Aloe Vera,  Wheat Germ Oil,  Lactalbumin,  Organic Rosemary Oil,  Organic Sage Oil,  Horsetail Extract,  Coltsfoot Extract,  Nettle Extract,  Amino Acid Complex: (Cysteine,  Methionine),  Glycoprotein (from oyster shells),  Balsam Oil,  Aubrey's Preservative: (Citrus Seed Extract,  Vitamin A,  Vitamin C,  and Vitamin E

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    1. Awful, straight into bin, waste of money.  star rating

      Posted by Grace on 11th Feb 2015

      My hair likes protein, any type of protein as far as I know. But this conditioner has dried my hair out, disrupted my curl pattern and left lots of frizzy short hairs around my crown. I used it as stated on the back of the bottle. The conditioner had an odd gritty feeling to it, almost like an exfoliater, but also left my hair, hands and back feeling coated. I have had to shampoo to get all of it out, after 2 co-washes a couple of days apart. I am now using moisturizing conditioners and hoping my hair recovers. Frankly I can't understand how such an awful product has any good reviews at all, unless I got a dud product. Really would not recommend based on my experience.

    2. Excellent  star rating

      Posted by Kathryn on 15th Jul 2014

      Has transformed by hair - used as pre-wash treatment and hair has been much calmer since. Have type 3a hair.

    3. good protein treatment  star rating

      Posted by 3b/c mixed, highlighted hair on 5th Jun 2014

      I use this product about once every 3-4 weeks when I think my hair needs some protein. I use it as a deep treatment and I love how it only needs to sit on your hair for 15 minutes, as I usually find treating my hair to be a lot of effort and time, and can lead to me neglecting my hair a bit. I find that when I wash the product out and shampoo and condition my hair as normal afterwards, my curls appear to curl tighter, look darker and just healthier in general. I definitely believe this conditioner has helped to strengthen my hair since getting highlights done and I would recommend it to people who are worried about colour damage. I really want to try more of this range of hair products, as I am also in love with the rose honey suckle conditioner.

    4. Started to use as regular conditioner  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2014

      Previously I used as a pre wash deep condition on unwashed hair as suggested by the bottle. It worked fine this way. Recently I started to use after shampooing, just leaving in for a couple of mins and it's has worked brilliantly. My hair combs out in shower without tangling and their is much less shedding.

      I am amazed at this on my 4 b hair. as my previous conditioners were Giovanni Smooth as silk & Tressemme naturals.

    5. best deep protien treatment!  star rating

      Posted by TheBekalina on 16th Apr 2014

      Best deep proton treatment it definitely makes my 3c/4a hair feel stronger after use... But can be a little during do usually rinds out with a moisturizing conditioner but if you want to repair your hair and keep it strong I highly recommend!

    6. Not enough moisture by itself  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 6th Feb 2014

      This conditioner by itself doesn't do much for my hair, I love it mixed in with the Hairveda Sitrinillah deep conditioner. OMG! Heaven! I got it in the rosemary and peppermint scent, I don't really like it. It smells like a medicine I use to have to take as a child.

    7. il n est pas mon favori  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2013

      produit tres concentré penetre immediattement les cheveux,meme si la texture est pateuse . pour un soin profond efficace ne pas utiliser pour les cowash car laisse des residu . parfum lavende ylang ylang tres difficile a suporter. pour un soin proteine mes cheveux n etait pas sec au contraire.
      je vais le terminer
      je ne sais pas si je vais racheter ce produit.

    8. scalp red and balding!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2013

      When I first tried this product, it was OK, left my hair like any protein treatment would do, there was no major problems also nothing to write home about...
      However after about the third time upon using this product my hair did a 360, i started noticing immense shedding, redness of the scalp and my hairline was thinning out... I even went to the doctors to have all the general tests 5 appointments and test results later they all came back fine? The doctor then asked me what I had been using product wise on my hair and this was the only product new, I bought the bottle to the doctors (another appointment) and he clarified that some of the ingredients are prone to allergic reaction (the trouble with organic)
      So that is what had happened, however, I have never had an allergic reaction to the point of my hair literally falling out to baldness! Im still sorting out my hair because of this :( Apparently I am not the only one with this problem as I read up about the product which is comforting... Its not the products fault, but just beware of the early symptoms so you can eliminate this from your regime before you have bald spots like me! Back to Curl Junkie Repair me it is!

      mix of 3a, 3c with the odd wave, low porosity, coarse

    9. Okay, but nothing special  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 6th Jan 2013

      I had been planning on buying Curl Junkie Repair but due to no availability I tried this product due to the reviews here. I usually use a raw egg for protein but wanted something less messy. This product was less effective than the raw egg method, and I didn't notice any major changes to my hair. It was shiner and fairly strong feeling but nothing to write home about or particularly different from other regular condishtioners! I may mix a small egg next time I use this to see if that helps. Won't be repurchasing but will use up e bottle :)

    10. impressed  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 19th May 2012

      I have type 2 hair, and my hair loves protein. I was impressed with this product, its a keeper. It moisterised and conditioned well without being heavy and greasy. My hair combed through very well after rinsing, excellent 'slip'. When my hair was dry the waves were well defined and my hair soft. Cannot really say anything negative about this product.

    11. first impressions  star rating

      Posted by curliely on 24th Feb 2012

      just got outta shower, i let it stay in with a shower cap for 30-40min. hm, how can i say this- my hair felt thicker and smoother for sure during the washing out. however, i sort of got that squeaky clean smoothness too where the strands were thick but kind of dry n strained. maybe i need to try another time tho. it is my first trial with ao gpb condish. very unique consistency of the product- it is thick as a paste with a sheen to it! the smell tho is horrendous to me.

    12. Fantastic Product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 21st Feb 2012

      I've used this product a couple of times over a two week period and I'm loving the results. My hair is quite thin, porous,the strands are fine and my ends are extremely dry - I should say my hair WAS all these things! This product has transformed my hair! It looks and feels healthier, and I'm loving my natural coils. When using this product following up with a moisturising conditioner is a must.

    13. Not quite sure about this one  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2012

      For some reason, whenever I use this conditioner it makes my hair really dull and feels like it leaves a build up. I still have half a bottle left, but not sure If I will bother to finish it.

    14. Love it  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2012

      Best protein there is. I love the smell and the results. I don't find it overwhelming and can use it many times in a week to great effect... Love it

    15. Really like it  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 25th Aug 2011

      When I first tried this I applyied it to my hair for 15mins before washing and I had a protein overload because I didnt take into consideration the protein I used not long previously. So I wrote it off. Which I didnt really mind because the smell is AWFUL!!! It stinks so bad :S
      Any who I thought Id give it another go. This time I kept it in for a couple of mins after washing and followed up with a mositurising conditioner and my hair has been so soft!! No other conditioner has made my hair feel so nice I use it every two weeks at the mo - I am willing to overlook the smell! Which is a biggy for me! Has worked a treat for my highly porous and dry hair :)

    16. Awesome results!  star rating

      Posted by Moodymaam on 30th Jan 2011

      I have very hard to please 3c/4a texturised hair that always tends to be dry and a little porous. This stuff left my hair feeling so incredibly soft I couldnt keep my hands out of my hair. (I mixed it with a litte Matrix Biolage ultra balm as mixing protein with a moisturising conditioner always works best for me).

      I used what was left over as a leave in and my curls are popping, not weighed down at all, well defined and with lots of 'hang'.

      This product is most definitely a keeper for me.

    17. Real YUMMY !!  star rating

      Posted by Goddess on 21st Jul 2010

      Tried this out for the first time this morning, and I'm in Love!
      I have coloured, natural curly hair, and this conditioner made my colour more vibrant, and curls fuller and really soft. The smell is divine, and there's an immediate difference visibly.
      It's like an adaptogen, whatever your hair needs, you get!
      This'll be a staple buy in my household!

    18. real difference!  star rating

      Posted by Davina on 4th Jul 2010

      A few weeks ago I decided to straighten my hair with flat irons, with disastrous results! I will admit that I had put off for a long time getting my 3c/4a hair trimmed, just because wearing it curly masks the damage, but this really was too much to ignore! But, being the big baby I am, I decided to wash it instead of just going and getting my hair cut..
      I applied this as a deep conditioner before I washed my hair, but didn't see much difference. Then a few days ago I plucked up the courage to straighten my hair again and actually get it trimmed properly. So I deep conditioned it again with this stuff before blow drying/ straightening. Let me tell you, it was like a miracle had happened to my hair! I still definately need a trim, but the ends are a lot better than before, and I feel like I can safely get away with having a lot less cut. It reeeeally made a huge difference, so this will definitely be my new staple (as well as regular trimming), to keep hair breakage to a minimum.

    19. I´m absolutely in love with it!  star rating

      Posted by melika on 9th Jun 2010

      I was not sure my hair needed proteins or not. I tried this and it´s amazing! And, overall, it makes miracles as a leave in. I have good clumps, soft and hair looks healthier. I hope it won´t build up, maybe I will altern with another one to avoid that. I even prefer this one to the honeysuckle rose one.

    20. Great for daily protein, but...  star rating

      Posted by oddityofwings on 30th May 2010

      I have a love-hate relationship with GPB. I've got really fine, really porous hair, and it needs more or less daily protein. GPB is great for that, since it has milk and oyster protein, both of which my hair seems to like. It also has a bit of slip, though not much. However, unlike the Honeysuckle-Rose from the same brand, this conditioner is very heavy on the oil (HR is an oil/butter mix), and I find that can really build up. Also, the smell is an acquired taste. In the bottle it can smell slightly of seafood (the glycoprotein). In your hair, it can smell slightly of balsam and pine. The big problem is that it lingers for ages at a very strong level, which can cause problems for the scent-sensitive among us. Overall, though, it's indispensable for the protein.

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