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Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper 8oz

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    Dryness causes frizziness and out-of-control hair. C.H.S. Curl Keeper™ enables you to become the master of those gorgeous frizz-free curls. Hanging your head over while bending forward helps to dry the roots and gives the curl more bounce. C.H.S. Curl Keeper™ is a water-based formula, which means you can use it everyday without product buildup. 

    Directions Comb Curl Keeper through wet hair from roots to ends for an even application… FOR VERY FRIZZY HAIR, USE ADDITIONAL PRODUCT. The less movement that occurs during the first 15 minutes, the more control you will have over the frizz. Once your hair dries, you can easily soften your look by simply moving your hair around. The more you play with your hair the more volume you will achieve. Some people start appreciating their volume and curls once they have total control over the frizz. The Curl Keeper formula re-activates with water, so simply re-wetting frizzy areas with wet hands could get you many fantastic frizz-free days between shampoos.

    Ingredients DI Water, PVP/VA Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Laureth 23, Glycerin, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance, Polyquaternium 10.

    Not Tested on Animals.

    Everyone's hair and body responds differently to different ingredients.

    Before using any product please perform a patch test on the inner part of your elbow. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

    Ingredient Highlights:
    Protein- Free, Silicone - Free, Paraben-Free
    How to Style Curly Frizzy Hair - Curly Hair Solutions (07:33)
    Step by step styling instruction for curly hair presented by Curly Hair Solutions and www.frizzoff.com. See how easy styling and managing curly hair can be with Curly Hair Solutions products and expert techniques. Eliminate frizz and have total control for curly hair. www.frizzoff.com
    • How to Style Curly Frizzy Hair - Curly Hair Solutions
      Step by step styling instruction for curly hair presented by C...

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    1. Good option if you need a change  star rating

      Posted by Heidi on 4th Apr 2018

      I love Ths product but came away from it when I found the GC way of looking after my hair. His gel is great if you need a really firm hold and then to break the cast to get lovely defined curls. Found it last for lightly 3 days then just a little water in the hands jazzes it back to lovely tight curls again. This is FAB as a rescue solution to frizzy hair just mix with a little water and scrunch and you’re ready to rock them curls. Remember water activates this gel so it lasts longer as you just damp down your hair to bring it back to life. Plus it’s watery so it doesn’t “stick”to your hands whilst your putting it on meaning NO FRIZZ............it’s a winner!!!

    2. Great product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 14th Feb 2018

      I bought this as I’m trying to get healthier hair before my wedding. My hair is very curly but also extremely frizzy, I now wash my hair every 2-3 days and use this after washing and non-wash days to keep my curls looking nice. It’s not greasy in my hair and makes it look really nice

    3. How much is enough?  star rating

      Posted by Fionasparkles on 14th Oct 2017

      My first two attempts with Curl Keeper original were ok but nothing like the results I'd seen online but I'd say this was down to not using enough. I have quite fine hair and it's not very long (shoulder length) so I'd used what I thought was a "generous amount " and been a bit disappointed, but, after my last few attempts where's I've sectioned hair off and used about a teaspoonful on each section then spiralled each section before diffusing , then scrunching the cast out and have achieved much better results.

      Defined curls which look less dry than they have done with curl cremes and day 2 hair (after putting hair in a pineapple) is almost wearable as is.

      I think this might just become my "go to" product though I'm not sure how many applications I'll get from the 8oz bottle.

    4. uncertain  star rating

      Posted by carrie on 5th Sep 2017

      I live in a very humid area of south of Devon, England. Using cantu leav-in and repair cream with Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie but was still experiencing allot of frizz even when re applying on 2nd or 3rd day hair.... wasn't sure if to get a gel or try this as it has so many high reviews.
      Took the plunge and bought it, first try I was amazed! I was like amen! Holy grail product till I die!! But after that I kinda feel like it's not doing the same..... Is it cause it's coming into autumn? It's still humid lol year round here...I'm not sure.
      But!! I will not give up! And see when it's best for my hair to use it!

    5. Like a serum, just better!  star rating

      Posted by Nikki on 24th May 2017

      I started using Curl Keeper as my usual styler (Boucleme gel) ran out.
      I had a sample of CK from a previous British Curlies order and decided to give it a go not expecting much - I was amazed by how my hair responded and ordered a full size bottle the same day. I couldn't believe I had had this wonder product in my drawer for months and hadn't even realised!
      I thought it would be too light for my 3c curls due to the watery texture and limited ingredients, but it made my hair far shinier, bouncy and well defined than any other styling product I've used.
      Every hair day is a good day since using this - despite the weather!
      I have taken 1 star off as I found while on holiday in Thailand that it didn't quite hold up in a very hot and humid tropical climate (curls got a bit puffy and shrunk but still looked good) . I think a (glycerine free) gel on top would help in extreme humidity as this product does contain some glycerine which can make curls puffy/undefined in extreme hot humid weather.
      This product doesn't weigh even fine curls down and can be applied daily without any sticky build up. It has a light almost floral scent which is hard to describe, but quickly fades once dry. It sometimes dries with a bit of a crunch, but this is easily scrunched out.
      I use this on freshly washed and conditioned hair (not soaking wet) along with GVN Direct Leave in and a little avocado oil - all mix well together so I don't have to layer product after product. It is easy to maintain my hair for up to 5 days using this - I simply water spritz to refresh curls and apply a small amount of the aforementioned product combo to my damp curls, shake, blow/air dry and voilà - perfect curls!
      My HG Styler <3

    6. Very lightweight and gives great curl definition!  star rating

      Posted by Yasmin on 14th Apr 2017

      This is a unique product because the texture is extremely lightweight and it has a runny consistency yet it provides great hold and definition on my wavy/curly hair. It glides over hair easily without disrupting curl pattern and gives a natural hold without the typical producty feeling that heavy styling products can leave behind. Would definitely recommend and I will be stocking up on another bottlw very soon!

    7. Gives me more beautiful curls  star rating

      Posted by Robin Anne Fitzgerald on 31st Oct 2016

      This product works as it says. Gives beautifully defined curls that become pretty soft again after "scrunching". Also reactivates with water, for example, if you wash your hair at night and want to just refresh it in the morning. Only gave it 4 stores because it doesn't totally get rid of frizz. I will however be giving the styling cream a try in combination with the original to see if this puts an end to the frizz. Will definitely be using from now on!

    8. Really happy with this.  star rating

      Posted by Carol on 21st Aug 2016

      I'd heard loads about Curl Keeper and was so excited to try it and it did not disappoint! My curls are more defined and there's never any product build up or crunch (if I leave my hair to dry naturally then I just scrunch out the crunch and am left with soft curls). I still get a bit of frizz but that may be because I don't use enough!

    9. not sure if this makes any difference  star rating

      Posted by blue100 on 12th Jul 2016

      I bought this because of the good reviews but I'm a bit confused by this product, it states 'total control for frizzy hair' on the front of the bottle and then on the back 'for frizzy hair use additional product' - it also states that the less movement that occurs in the first 15 mins the better so I've concluded that I've either got VERY frizzy hair or I move too much. I have very long hair so I've tried varying amounts but haven't had that wow result - it either made no effect on frizz or my hair went lank and needed wetting again, I find that I still need a blob of Curl Cream from Boots (the pink stuff that's about 2 quid) which continues to be my 'go to' product- the search continues......

    10. Very easy to use for newbies like me!  star rating

      Posted by Kristin Warry on 15th Feb 2016

      I have must gine curly at 46 for no apparent reason, so thak goodness for this site! I bought this off of its recommdation for fine hair. Mine is very fine, lots of it, and probably somewhere in the 2bc or 3a range. It has always held curl well, and gets frizzy very easily. I find this really easy to use, although it is a bit runny. I put a 50p piece sized blob into my palm and rub it into my wet but not dripping hair. I then dry it with a diffuser, and go to sleep with my hair fanned out for best effect. The next day I scrunch it a bit to get the crispness out, and it then stays in lovely wavy curls for a good couple of days, with the occaisional refresh of either spraying with a fine water mist, or just scrunching with wet hands after I go to the bathroom. So its very minimal effort which is nice, as I have arthritic hands and shoulders. I am starting to experiment with curl boosting gels, used at the same time, but it doesnt really need it unless its a really blowy day, as we get here on the downs.

    11. Excellent Product  star rating

      Posted by Matild Jones on 9th Feb 2016

      Curl keeper is an excellent product that keeps your curls in place without any friz I have fine hair and this product has proved to be one of the best that I have ever used. I initially recevied a sample of it when I ordered some stuff and that was how I got to try it out before purchasing one for myself. I would highly recommend this product.

    12. Not worth the money  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2016

      Didn't provide any styling hold and only minimal effect on frizz, so for that price I'd say it's not worth the money. Type B2/3 hair

    13. Great product -easy to use and no flakiness!  star rating

      Posted by The Fusionista on 12th Jan 2016

      Was sent this as a sample and fell in love with it. Have used at least 3 bottles - but lasts ages. Used it with blow-drying on a daily use.

    14. Replacement for John Freida corrective gel (discontinued)  star rating

      Posted by Tina on 17th Dec 2015


    15. Replacement for discontinued John Freida Frizzease corrective gel  star rating

      Posted by Tina on 17th Dec 2015

      I have been so delighted to find this product. I used JF Gel for 20 years and it kept my curly hair right by simply applying after shower and leaving.
      I was distraught when JF gel was discontinued and had shocking frizzy unkempt looking hair that I just had to tie up.
      I tried lots of new products that didn't work.
      Then I found this product. It's the business.
      Just apply to wet hair and that's it.
      Hair down again!

    16. My desert island product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Sep 2015

      This stuff is AMAZING. It defines my curls without making them look wet, and I can just wet my fingers to reactivate for second day awesomeness. And it smells like heaven. Love love love it.

    17. love it!  star rating

      Posted by Alison on 9th Sep 2015

      This is so nice to use, it gives your hair some slip and makes it easier to fr curls and it doesn't leave the hair crispy or stiff. It also seems to last and last. This is the second bottle I've bought in 2 years.

    18. This should be in every curly girl's bathroom cabinet  star rating

      Posted by Zoie on 4th Sep 2015

      This product is simply brilliant, used in the correct way it does not cause shrinkage and holds your curls without any crispiness. Used after the application of a good hair moisturiser on damp hair it eliminates the need to use an additional leave in.
      I use this product in my hair for nights out or days out when I want to look more amazing then usual, as this product adds volume, boosts your curls and holds your style with no stickiness and no shrinkage.
      Only a little is needed making this product good value for money. This gets the big thumbs up from me.

    19. I like it, though it's still too expensive for my tastes  star rating

      Posted by BotticelliBrit on 23rd Jun 2015

      3B. Medium porosity.

      So after two years of being curious, I finally got myself some Curl Keeper! I stumbled upon it, pretty cheap, on an online store I use a lot, and I couldn't resist.

      It has the same hold as my Ouidad gel, but allows for a little more volume. Also, my second day hair seems to look better than it does with Ouidad - less frizzy and more a good kind of wild.

      It's more like a serum consistency than anything else. Ouidad, to me, is like 'thick water', but Curl Keeper is a lot smoother and absorbs into the hair MUCH faster.

      I've also noticed my hair is far softer with this than with using my regular gel and the scrunch is SO much easier to scrunch out.

      I managed to get VERY GOOD 5th day hair the first time I used this. But I think that was a fluke of some sort? Using it since I can only get up to my regular 3rd day hair. maybe 4th if I wear my hair in a ponytail on the last day. Not that I mind – that's still good!

      All in all, I'm pleased I finally tried this. I'd still like to find something cheaper though, as gels seem to be my most expensive hair product and I'd love to change that.

    20. So far my best styling product  star rating

      Posted by El on 22nd Jun 2015

      I've just started my journey in discovering products for my curly hair. I find this product one of the best that I've tried so far for styling . I am 3a/b, it's gives me a good control of my curls and it's light , reactivates easy just with spraying a water and my hair doesn't feel greasy even on a 3rd day .

    21. Top product  star rating

      Posted by Laura on 26th May 2015

      One of the best styling products ever for my 3a/b hair. I mix it with my other styling products and guess what: it works !!!

    22. Great for frizz  star rating

      Posted by SuMu on 13th May 2015

      I have 2c hair and I really liked this water based product for taming my curly frizzy hair but not being too heavy or causing clumping as I like my curls light and skinny.

    23. Perfect product  star rating

      Posted by Sarah on 12th May 2015

      This really is amazing stuff, i like the smell and it does what it says it will, it has helped with my frizz wonderfully. I used to have a lot of halo frizz and this is stopping that now. I used it with kccc and i am getting the results i have longed for for years.
      I would highly recommend this product and i will certainly be buying more.

    24. Excellent at keeping my 3b/c curls frizz free  star rating

      Posted by Penny on 4th May 2015

      I was using Jessicurl confident coils but decided to give this a try and am so glad I did. I like the lightweight and water soluble nature of this product. Made my curls well-defined and frizz free for 3 - 4 days - I do put just a little of their gel on top. To get 4 day wear I just put a little water into my hands to reactivate the product. To prevent my hair from drying out I layer on top of a leave in conditioner like Kinky curly or Jessicurl. Will be purchasing again as even though Jessicurl is good I think this is better cause more lightweight.

    25. excellent product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 3rd May 2015

      Best product for frizz free curls especially during the humid months. I use it under my gel and my curls are so defined.

    26. wish i had bought it sooner  star rating

      Posted by curlycat on 23rd Apr 2015

      I had seen the curl keeper videos on you tube , but had thought , it cant be that easy just anther overpriced marketing hype.
      But then i had a sample sent by curl emporium with anther product I had purchased and wow amazing , soft, defined frizz free curls and I can easily get 2nd or even 3rd day hair after using. I co-wash as usual then apply leave in conditioner with curl keeper on top and a little gel to finish of.
      I can then either partly diffuse or leave to dry naturaly depending on time available. I have type 3a/b hair which is fine but thick and i only use about a tablespoon of product. Hair does dry crunchy, but a quick scrunch and i am good to go. Would definitely recommend and have purchased full size from emporium.

    27. brilliant  star rating

      Posted by patk1 on 9th Apr 2015

      I've recently started using curl keeper & its the best product I've ever used.I only need a tspn full,and it reactivates with water(or spray leave in),so I go days between washes and reapplication.its lightweight but gives me nice hold and definition.I highly recommend to anyone with my hairtype

    28. so far so good  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2015

      I've recently discovered that I have 2b curls. Curl keeper is the best product I've used that has given me consistently good results. I have been trying out a lot of products lately!
      It never leaves my low porosity hair heavy or greasy, no matter if I'm heavy handed with it, which is easy to do with my hair.
      I like to use a hard hold gel over the top of curl keeprt to set my curls while it dries (usually diffused). I can get 3 days before I need to wash my hair, which would have been unheard of before I went curly!
      The only reason why I have only given 4 stars is due to the price.

    29. can't live without it  star rating

      Posted by sarah on 20th Dec 2014

      This is my most essential product. I put it on soaking wet hair and after about 15 minutes in a curly towel let it dry naturally. It manages frizz like nothing else and I end up with lovely spiral curls.

    30. An excellent product  star rating

      Posted by Seema on 28th Nov 2014

      Was sent this as a sample with another order. Tried it and found my thinning hair looked very fresh and healthy after heat styling. Keeps the frizz under control. I wash my hair every day and used the sample for 10 days and decided to order the 8oz bottle.I am sure it will last ages.

    31. LOVE LOVE LOVE  star rating

      Posted by Curly 3A on 25th Nov 2014

      I re-ordered this product and will sure do it again. I just love it! I like it, that it's on water-base. After putting, I wait about 20min. and before my hair is completely dry I put some Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle and I get very nice curls!

    32. Love it!! should be in a bigger size! 3A curls  star rating

      Posted by Curly3A on 26th Jun 2014

      I really love this very light product. u can easily put it into your hair (in few sections) detangle ur hair and then scrunch it. I air-dried and also dried with diffusor, both works perfect.

      It would be great to have this product in a bigger size!

      I will buy it for sure again.

    33. Frizz free hair  star rating

      Posted by Kim on 17th Jun 2014

      My hair is cherub curly with a hint of botticelli. It is curly but the frizz takes over. I use this product by itself sometimes: when it does the job but best used with a leave in conditioner. I do love it and recommend it for anyone with similar hair type.

    34. Love this product  star rating

      Posted by hayleyjayne on 28th May 2014

      This is the best product for my hair. My hair never feels weighed down and dirty which it has with other products.
      My only issue is the small bottle and cost. Wen oh when will the salon size be back?

    35. No frizz  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 27th May 2014

      For my 3b/3c hair this is great and stops the frizz perfectly. Will the large bottle be on sale again? These small bottles don't last long!

    36. Can't live without...  star rating

      Posted by Sarah on 16th May 2014

      I can't live without this product for curl definition and frizz control. It's not perfect - not sure anything is - but it goes a long way. I'd prefer it to be in a bottle with a pump.

    37. CURL KEEPER  star rating

      Posted by Andreia on 24th Apr 2014

      it's just great!!! My curls are amazing!!!!! but the price is a little high becouse you spend a lot off product each time it's used....

    38. frizz gone  star rating

      Posted by jeanette on 8th Apr 2014

      best yet for cur;y frizz--wouldn.t be without it now

    39. not enough hold  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Mar 2014

      i bought this product with high hopes. it has an amazing smell but poor hold. i now use it to control canopy frizz and for second day hair but is not strong enough straight after a wash. quite expensive too

    40. Been looking for this product all my life!  star rating

      Posted by Eloise on 25th Mar 2014

      I just bought my second bottle of Curl Keeper as I can't live without it now! I have fine waves - curls and this product creates definition and hold without weighing the hair down. I also suffer with frizzy hair but this product gets rid of the frizz too. The best thing using it gets wet it reactivates so if it rains it's no problem! No more frizzy hair..yay! Defined curls ..yay!
      I do find this works best when letting hair dry naturally.

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