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Curly Hair Solutions Gel 8oz

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    Curly Hair Solutions™ Gel with panthenol gives ultimate holding power without flakiness or crispiness. A water-based formula, C.H.S. Gel leaves no product buildup and supports styles longer. Great for scrunching, styling with brushes, blow-drying or drying naturally.
    Directions Distribute evenly on wet or dry hair. Use alone or with C.H.S. Curl Keeper™. Reactivates with water.

    Ingredients: DI Water, Carbopol 940, Triethanolamine, Polyquarternium 11, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Panthenol, PVP Copolymer, Polysorbate 60, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance.


    These ingredients are Natural and Biodegradable. Not tested on Animals.

    Everyone's hair and body responds differently to different ingredients.

    Before using any product please perform a patch test on the inner part of your elbow. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

    Ingredient Highlights:
    Protein- Free, Silicone - Free, Paraben-Free

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    1. Worked excellently on very fine wavy/curly hait and very little needed  star rating

      Posted by Kristin Warry on 25th Apr 2017

      I have only used this a couple of times, but am very impressed so far. I first of all tried it with my hair first well coated in the original with a small blob of this on top. I wash my hair at night so just mostly dried it then put it up. In the morning I had really curly hair (mine is extra fine and somewhere between 2b/c and 3a). So this was a good result. I have been returning to the original all the time, but now think this may be better. a few days ago, I tried it on its own, just two blobs combed through, and then again diffused to 90% dry, pineapple overnight, and again woke up to lovely curls. They were very soft, which may be the deep conditioning I did first. Anyway its held for 3 days so far. I did add a bit of crea, last night as the curls were getting a bit dry. I strongly suspect I shall buy in bulk when the bottle gets finished!

    2. I love a free sample, but hated this gel  star rating

      Posted by frizzles4 (3a/b/c) on 8th Nov 2015

      I have fine curly hair that's a mix of a bit of 3a (underside), lots of 3b (topside) and some 3c (around my face), and my hair tends to range from low to high porosity depending on the texture.

      I got a sample of this product with my order of Shea Moisture products and was interested to give it a go, as I currently use UG Flirty Curls gel, which is only barely CG, but gives great results.

      All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't spend my money on this product. I've used it several times on wet, damp and dry hair and the result is always the same: crispy, dry, incredibly parched curls with a ton of frizz, even if my hair was soft and bouncy before use (and I don't mean the kind of crispy that you scrunch out -- scrunching did nothing at all!). What's more it takes my hair quite a while to recover from it -- it's quite destructive.

      I don't know what the problem ingredient is, but my hair hates this gel with a passion. The other reviewer who said her hair was like 'wire wool' had it right. I think there are much better gels on the market for less money than this one. Its only plus point is its smell, as the hold is not good either. Perhaps others will have more luck.

    3. great gel  star rating

      Posted by patk1 on 8th Oct 2015

      I bought this at BC as a swap purchase and so pleased I did.I really like it.I apply over my spray lightweight leave in,on its own and get consistent results.sometimes I apply mixed with ck original with same results.I will be buying this again.curlkeeper original and this are my hg products

    4. Destructive -stay away!  star rating

      Posted by English Grace on 21st May 2015

      I was lucky enough I got this as a free sample so I didn't waste any money on this. I have relaxed hair and was using it with my leave in and sealant oil as I put on my curlformers. I applied it last.
      It has a pleasant fragrance that isn't too strong, aloe vera like texture.
      When I took them out ( air dried over night) the curls were CRISPY, ironic for a product that advertises no flakiness.
      The hair which had felt super soft before suddenly felt ROUGH. My curls lasted one day, and they felt dry and porous by the end. The hair became tangled.
      I had to rescue it using a cowash to smooth out knots, and a seriously moisturising deep conditioner. Luckily no harm done but I'm throwing away the rest of the sample, and would suggest better alternatives at a much more affordable price.

    5. i really love this.  star rating

      Posted by Marie on 8th Apr 2015

      I am truly delighted with this product. I have only been using curly hair solutions gel for about two weeks but since the first use my dry, frizzy knotted hair has been transformed. I am 47 years old and I haven't seen ringlets and curls in my hair like this since I was a little girl. I absolutely love it. I'm following all the rules for caring for natural curls and it is paying off. It does feel a little crunchy as it drys. I always let my hair dry naturally. But after a quick scrunch the crunchiness disappears and I'm left with lovely soft curls. So happy to have found this.

    6. love this gel!  star rating

      Posted by Emma Witwicki on 18th Mar 2015

      I use this on my thick curly hair. After washing with a shampoo bar and conditioning, I rinse my conditioner out completely and then apply leave in conditioner (giovanni) then a mix of this curly hair solutions gel, and the crystal clear gel with Argan oil to add a bit of moisture. This gel on its own leaves hair slightly dry,but with the other gel it is great as it has a strong hold without being crunchy at all. I think using the combination of curl keeper, and the curly hair solutions gel would work really well, although I haven't tried this yet.

      Great products!

    7. Fabulous Product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 30th Oct 2014

      Received a sample of the Gel after ordering the Original Curly Hair Solutions to try after emailing British Curlies for help as I was so close to chopping off all my hair is desperation. Tried the Gel today an he presto it was amazing for my just past shoulder length 3c hair. I am now going to order the large Gel. Thank You!!

    8. Love This!  star rating

      Posted by Dido on 5th Jan 2013

      I absolutely love this and will never be without it. My hair has been totally transformed.
      I have 3a/b with the odd 2's thrown in for good measure.My hair is also course and thick. I have been CG for about 4 years now and was struggling to find a product that gave me consistent results. My hair got used to products after a while and they just stopped working. I had never had a WOW result with any product anyway.
      I saw this on the Curl Keeper website and watched the how to videos. I decided to try it and am so glad I did.

      I apply it after scrunching my hair with a T shirt and applying leave in conditioner. I also apply Giovanni gel as my hair needs a lot of hold.
      It is absolutely VITAL that after applying it you wait a few minutes to allow it to work (I apply my make up so 10 mins or so) If it's not left then the results are a bit rubbish.

      I diffuse dry my hair 60-70 % dry scrunch as I go. Everytime I get well defined bouncy almost frizz free curls. I get compliments on a daily basis. I can also get 2nd and even 3rd day hair just by scrunching water which is unheard of with other products.
      After 4 long years I have found my HG product!

    9. Dry. Minimal hold.  star rating

      Posted by Fluffy4eva on 8th Nov 2010

      I got this item free with my purchase of Curly Hair Solutions Tweek. I was hopeful, it being a clear gel with curly hair in mind that it would work some magic. Sadly its the worst gel I have used. It leaves curls dry and crunchy, and doesnt define. If you scrunch, it just scrunches out.

    10. Dissapointing  star rating

      Posted by Starrylady on 4th Feb 2010

      I found this gel too harsh for my curls, yes it stops frizz (although there are better products out there for this) but it made my curls hard and crunchy. Really dissapointed with it!

    11. Very drying  star rating

      Posted by Helen on 29th Jan 2010

      I have 3a-b curls and unfortunately found this gel to be very drying on my hair. After using, my hair felt like wire wool! I only used it once and couldn't recommend it, although I do appreciate that all curly heads respond differently.

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