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Hairveda CoCasta Shikakai Oil 9oz

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    oCasta Shikakai Oil- The Ayurveda Oil Blend
    This oil packs a punch! Promotes healthy growth, softens, regulates sebum, strengthens, adds shine & conditions!
    CoCasta Shikakai Herbal Hair Oil has a unique natural formulation containing Shikakai with other natural ingredients, which cleans the flow of sebum on your scalp preventing dandruff and hair fall, leaving your hair clean, soft and healthy from root to tip.
    Our Liquid Gold is a medley of Nut Oils, with Henna, Amla, & Indian herbs that coat every strand of hair, protecting it from sun, wind, dust and pollution, giving your hair and scalp, nourishment and conditioning for long and lustrous, problem free hair.
    According to Indian history, each ingredient we use is renowned for aiding in giving women soft beautiful locks! Use as a hot oil treatment, sealant for ends, scalp oil and more. Unique blend for textured hair!

    CoCasta Shikakai Oil- The Ayurveda Oil Blend This oil packs a punch!

    Promotes healthy growth, softens, regulates sebum, strengthens, adds shine & conditions! 

    CoCasta Shikakai Herbal Hair Oil has a unique natural formulation containing Shikakai with other natural ingredients, which cleans the flow of sebum on your scalp preventing dandruff and hair fall, leaving your hair clean, soft and healthy from root to tip. 

    Our Liquid Gold is a medley of Nut Oils, with Henna, Amla, & Indian herbs that coat every strand of hair, protecting it from sun, wind, dust and pollution, giving your hair and scalp, nourishment and conditioning for long and lustrous, problem free hair.

    According to Indian history, each ingredient we use is renowned for aiding in giving women soft beautiful locks! Use as a hot oil treatment, sealant for ends, scalp oil and more.

    Unique blend for textured hair!

    Ingredients: Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulsis Sweet Almond Oil, Azadirachta Indica Seed Oil, Phthalate Free Fragrance

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    1. A godsend for my combination (4A/B/C) hair  star rating

      Posted by Alex on 23rd Jan 2018

      I've tried so many oils but this is the only one that keeps my hair feeling soft and intensely moisturised. I love love love this product - nothing else compares!

    2. Good product  star rating

      Posted by Rebecca Hanley on 7th Jul 2017

      Smells great!
      A little definitely goes a long way.
      Only 3 stars as I find it sits on the hair and leaves it feeling quite thick and greasy.

    3. Great I love it !  star rating

      Posted by Faye on 19th Oct 2016

      I love hairveda products, I have tried Jardin Conditioning & softening oil and had tried and Cocosta before but coudn't really tell. I have now both and can now say that Cocosta is my favourite oil from Hairveda. I love the almond smell to it, the oil is light and great on both my daughter's and my fine 4C hair. I just spritz water, my leave in and to Cocosta to seal. It leaves my hair moistured and really soft. Please do not change the formula !

    4. best product ever  star rating

      Posted by laetitia on 17th Aug 2016

      Moisture and smell very good !!!!!!

    5. CoCasta  star rating

      Posted by MaryMary on 27th Jun 2016

      I'd agree with everyone here that this product smells fantastic - it leaves my hair moisturised and lifts any dullness.

    6. Lovely smell  star rating

      Posted by Cwasin on 14th Jun 2016

      This is a really lovely product with a heavenly smell but it is too thick and sticky For my 3b hair. However my daughter who has 4a hair, loves it.

    7. Hair super food  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2016

      Looooove this! No wonder it keeps selling out. I have long 4a hair and a little goes a long way. keeps my hair very soft and manageable. Smells great as well.

    8. best oil  star rating

      Posted by jubs on 16th Nov 2015

      Liking this! Smells lovely, you don't need too much of this. Can't really comment on condition improvement as yet as I've only been using it for 3 weeks or so, hair does feel a bit more moisturised. As oils go, this is the best I've used.

    9. smells amazing  star rating

      Posted by Lashana on 7th Sep 2015

      I really love this oil. It smells great (like almonds), its thick and luxurious and it really helps to seal in the moisture. You can also use it as a hot oil treatment. It adds a lot of shine to the hair and a little goes a long way.

    10. Where has this been all my Life !  star rating

      Posted by Abigail on 4th Sep 2015

      Words will fail to describe the incredible things this product can do !
      Does it leave your hair soft- YES
      Do your curls thank you every time you use it - YES
      Does it give your hair that coveted healthy shine- YES
      Does the smell bring all the boys to the yard- YES (lolJK)

      Basically buy it- Your curls will thank you ! :)

    11. Thanks goodness it's back!!!  star rating

      Posted by Debs on 3rd Sep 2015

      Just purchased my second bottle since I realised you could order this again. The smell is like almonds (gorgeous) and works so well on my hair. Thanks for the return of the liquid gold!

    12. Gold Liquid  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2015

      I really love this oil. I use it as after my moisturizer. It left my hair soft and shiny. When I use it for my oil rinse, my curls pop than ever !!!! Every winter I purchase a bottle, it's my staple oil. And the smell... hmmm delicious... I really recommend it.

    13. meilleur huile  star rating

      Posted by co on 24th Aug 2015

      pas besoin d'en mettre une tonne, nourrit et garde l'hydratation des cheveux toute la journée si ce n'est pas plus. Odeur quelconque, pas désagréable ni envoûtante. Ce n'est pas une bouteille a pompe comme présenté en photo, mais embout pour mieux doser la goutte. Vu qu'on en a besoin de peu. Très très bon rapport qualité prix.

    14. Hair Gold  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 20th Apr 2014

      Ok so I bought this as I have trouble maintaining moisture & itchy scalp. Just after one application on my wash day my hair changed I did not experience hardly any itching & my hair felt super soft. I love this product & my 4b low porosity hair & will purchase another bottle as soon as it's back in stock.

    15. Love this oil  star rating

      Posted by kiki on 25th Mar 2014

      Having colour damaged 3b-c curls, my hair has always been quite dry as well as my scalp. Although this oil is targeted towards 4a type hair I found it to be so moisturising on my hair. I previously used coconut oil but found it to b too heavy on my hair. I use cocasta oil as a deep treatment for my scalp which relieves itching and flakes, then as a sealant after I apply jane carter curl defining cream. I use a 5p size amount which normally is enough, and my curls are left feeling soft and shiny. The almond smell is also so yummy. I love this oil!

    16. Hair Changing  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 10th Feb 2014

      I have abanded all other oils this is my HG I can't live without it.

    17. Amazing  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Jan 2013

      I have spent near 200 on the hunt for products to moisturise my 3c 4a curls and this is it.
      A touch of this daily keeps dry ends at bay. Fantastic- will be purchasing more to try as pre-poo, treatments etc but as a moisturiser/ sealant, the best I have tried!- and as a bonus, it smells Amazing!

    18. LOVE  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Dec 2012

      I was sent this as a sample, i have 3c-4a hair and my hair often gets dry, especially at the ends! and it made my hair so soft, It's thick but doesn't weigh down hair! and it smells so sweet! i love it!!! i definitely recommend this for all hair types, I'm about to order two bottles !

    19. Wow!  star rating

      Posted by Farouche Femme Noir on 7th Dec 2012

      I wanted to wait at least a couple of weeks before writing this so I could give a fair review.

      I received a sample of this with my last order and decided to give it a try straight away as my hair was feeling quite dry due to the change in weather. I usually avoid oils on my scalp as they tend to irritate and I get dry, flaky scalp within 2 days of using but at this point I was desperate.

      Some may find the Almond smell quite overpowering but I love it and it does dissipate quite quickly once on the hair. This oil is quite heavy but less is more, I just put a few drops onto my finger tips and massage into my scalp and along the length of my hair a couple times a week.

      My scalp hasn’t looked this good for years! No exaggeration! No itching, no flaking, nothing but clear, happy scalp! I have a range of textures in my hair and the area above my ears I’m guessing would be considered a 4c. It’s the area that I find most difficult to keep moisturised and soft but this oil has changed all of that. My hair is soft, soft, soft.

      I’m off to order the full size before my sample runs out!

    20. I have only a few words...  star rating

      Posted by Sue on 28th Nov 2012

      Oh Holy Lord, Jesus and Mary!!

      4C/4Z thin, fine hair? Get on this train because it's carrying gold dust!!

    21. love this product (4a/b hair, thick)  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2012

      i have 4a/4b hair and this softens and makes my hair smel incredible. i never thought i would pay this amount for an oil but seriously this is the oil ive ever tried and i am soo happy i purchased. i use it to seal in moisture (only oil that has effectively sealed my low porosity hair) and also use it on my scalp to oil an treat it. will repurchase this x

    22. very good  star rating

      Posted by blackrose938 on 12th May 2012

      I was given this as a sample gift and straight away i bought the large size . Now i like this oil it makes my hair soft it works well with other products i use in my hair , but found it not so good on my scalp though ? it made it flaky after a day or two ? something in it made my scalp dry in patches they say it is meant to regulate sebum , my scalp is already naturally dry so i just use this mixed in my DC and to seal after washing
      and when needed during the week to seal my ends when i braid out.

    23. Nice Feeling and Smelling Oil  star rating

      Posted by Atricia on 3rd Apr 2012

      Used this last night as a sealant and my hair feels really nice this morning. Its soft, fluffy and moisturised. Want to try it as a hot oil treatment. Would probably buy again as the price is good for a 9oz bottle.

    24. Great Product  star rating

      Posted by fifitrixibelle on 25th Mar 2012

      I was looking for a product to seal my hair but also to oil my dry scalp. After reading reviews on products i decided to buy this one and am very happy with the results! So many uses- I use it to seal each time I wet my hair for styling, especially good on my ends; to oil my scalp ( I have transferred some to an applicator bottle and find this make it very quick and easy!) and also to when applied overnight it sets any plaits or twists for a clean finish on plait-out/twist-out.

      I have now been using it daily, I only have to use a little on parted sections as the consistency can be quite heavy, but saying that, it has lasted a long time!

      I have not given the full 5 stars, as I find that my new growth is not as soft as I think it could be, though my scalp is not dry, I still feel the need to use a Darcy Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass creme of soften up my roots.

      Will definitely be buying another bottle of this oil though!

    25. Love IT!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2012

      Very thick and rich oil, with an amazing smell.
      Besides the substance, i'm in love with the effect it has on my hair.
      My hair feels incredibly soft, after using it as a hot oil treatment, but also after using it 2 to 3 days after my washing regime.
      When applied I do not even necessarily need another product to make my curls look amazing.

    26. update  star rating

      Posted by bibi on 12th Jan 2012

      ok quite quick for an update,however im loving this oil.i have been using this as a deep treatment,leave in when my hair is wet,and using it on dry hair and scalp,especially my dry ends.it has worked very well whichever way i used it,oh and the smell is so good..it works so well.definitely will repurchase and keep on using it!if it makes my hair grow then i will give it 5 stars..

    27. love the smell  star rating

      Posted by bibi on 11th Jan 2012

      i just received this today,its a thick oil and smells gourgeous!,i put it on dry hair and it definitely feels less dry..i will wait and see how it works long term but for now im loving it.

    28. A miracle oil!  star rating

      Posted by Asalaam93 on 7th Jan 2012

      I usually do not use any oil on my 4a/4b hair but received this as a sample with my order of Mixed Chicks and Kinky Kurly products.
      I decided to use it with my conditioner and was amazed by the results. The texture of the oil is very rich and after rinsing my hair, all the goodness of this oil made it really moisturised, softer and lustrous but not oily at all.
      Will definitely buy the bottle!

    29. Best sample I've ever received.  star rating

      Posted by Elle on 20th Dec 2011

      I received this as a samply with some Bee Mine products I bought. Initially I kind of left it to the side wondering what strange oil had been thrown in as my hair hadn't been responding well to anything new. My scalp broke out really bad and I realised that coconut oil, as good as it might be for me internally was not good anywhere near my scalp, so I tried this oil as I had nothing else. I used some bendy rollers and then oiled my scalp sparingly with this oil. The next morning my scalp looked normal. It looked healthy and relaxed and not as irritated and red as the night before. I thought it was a fluke. The next day after I washed my hair, I used it again. Next morning, my scalp looks gorgeous. I literally haven't seen it this good in MONTHS. I had the worst reaction to a shampoo about five months ago and have been desperately trying to recover from it since and finally I think I've found the perfect combination for my hair. I've found the perfect oil for my scalp. It isn't heavy for my hair or my scalp, the smell is delicious - like almonds and gorgeous-ness - so good I want to lick it off! I don't know how to properly describe this but, after using it, my hair just looks - adorable? Like my hair just looks so soft and healthy and attended to, like a child's - in only the best possible way. I have nothing but good things to say about this product and I will be buying the full version shortly! Truly the best thing that ever happened to my scalp.

      Thank you SO much for that sample. Saved my sanity. I was at my wit's end regarding my hair and scalp. Thank you so much! Wonderful product!

    30. Great oil, maybe a bit heavy for some  star rating

      Posted by Karis on 17th Dec 2011

      I received this as a sample and I'm very glad I did! It leaves my 3c/4a hair feeling super soft and smelling divine (actually it smells a bit like batten-burg cake..). I've found it a tad too heavy for my whole head, but it works well on my ends and also for giving my conditioner a bit of a boost. It would probably make a great pre-poo, too.

    31. Mixed feelings...all gone!  star rating

      Posted by Carry on 3rd Nov 2011

      I wrote an initial review for this product and gave it 3 stars. After trying it with a shower cap to help the oil penetrate, I find that this oil is one of the best. The smell is nice. Castor oil is amazing. The product is high quality and pure. Most of all, this is the best oil as PRE-POO and as a SEAL. I now use it in two ways: first, I apply it to detangle my hair in twists. This helps a lot to reduce mechanical damage of my dry 4c curls. After the shampoo, ACV rinse, deep conditioner, and application of moisture, I seal with Cocasta. I now have to order another bottle.

    32. Mixed feelings about this oil  star rating

      Posted by Carry on 17th Oct 2011

      I bought this product after the reviews. I was happy about the price to product quantity, especially seeing that some products are quite expensive for small quantities -though I don't mind paying a lot for products that work. I am left with mixed feelings. Basically, I did not find a good use for this product yet. On my dry Type 4c hair, I could not tell whether the oil penetrated, I will try it with heat. For some reason, it tickles my scalp a bit-maybe that's what it's supposed to do to stimulate growth. It is a heavy oil, so I could not use it casually. Maybe it would make a good pre-poo. It was way too heavy for my daughter's 3a-b curls (her fine hair got sticky). So....mixed results.

    33. Best Oil  star rating

      Posted by Type 4a on 2nd Oct 2011

      Love the smell. Love the consistency. This definitely a keeper.

    34. Really grown on me  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 29th Sep 2011

      The smell was strange at first, I didn't know what it was but then I realised it was almond and it really started to grow on me. The oil is a nice consistency - thick but not too thick and works great as a sealant. The smell is pleasant and light on the hair

    35. Should have bought a sample only  star rating

      Posted by Caroline on 28th Sep 2011

      Love the smell. Wanted to try the Hairveda brand. Did not work on my type 4 hair. It's too greasy to penetrate. I went by the reviews above and was very surprised at my personal experience. I now have a bottle that I don't know what I'll use it for.

    36. great for pre-poo...  star rating

      Posted by pinkcurlgirl - 3c/4al on 19th Aug 2011

      Cocasta Shikakai has ayurvedic powers in it (Shikakai,
      Brahmi, Amla Extract) for 'growth' and moisture.

      With the consistency of light castor oil, and oddly the smell of play-doh (?), I warm it and apply to my scalp and 3c/4a tresses as a hot oil pre-poo. Using a plastic cap, I then sleep overnight and cleansing co-wash in the morning.

      Works wonders but also fairly expensive for oil, so i am keeping one star back until I get some amazing growth or something else regular castor oil/olive oil/JBCO doesn't already bring me!!


    37. Fantastic!!!  star rating

      Posted by Wendy on 11th Aug 2011

      The best oil I have ever used. I absolutely love it!! Leaves my hair moisturised, very soft and shiny. I would definitely recommend it :)

    38. Good Stuff!!!  star rating

      Posted by Moodyma'am on 20th Jul 2011

      My hair is 3c/4a very mildly texlaxed. I add a squirt of this to a mix of CG conditioner and water to use as leave in and its ace!!!

      Also the label says it helps regulate scalp sebum levels. My scalp has always been super dry but not any more.

      this is definitley a keeper for me and i love it!!

    39. Really good for my thirsty 4b/c  star rating

      Posted by Jules on 16th Jun 2011

      OMG!! This product is the bomb, leaves my hair well mousturised, well shiny and well soft! My hair has never looked this healthy! Bought a sample size before, but just had to come back for the bigger size!

      Money well invested, would recommend to anyone! :)

    40. This HairVeda oil is 'Hair' to stay! :>)  star rating

      Posted by Bajan_mum on 2nd Feb 2011

      My thirsty 4a hair has been thanking me kindly for this wonderful oil, and I've used it once, since it was delivered to me only yesterday. But it has transformed my dry and hard hair overnight.

      I shall definetely be using it regularly.

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