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Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner 16oz

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SitriNillah -Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
Our Best Selling Deep Conditioner is wonderfully moisturizing and a little goes a long way. SitriNillah is perfect for conditioning and softening your hair after a protein treatment.
Our ingredients are perfectly infused to bring the life back to your hair. Nourishing Orange oil penetrates deep down to treat lifeless and brittle hair.

SitriNillah -Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Best Selling Deep Conditioner is wonderfully moisturizing and a little goes a long way.

SitriNillah is perfect for conditioning and softening your hair after a protein treatment.

Our ingredients are perfectly infused to bring the life back to your hair. Nourishing Orange oil penetrates deep down to treat lifeless and brittle hair.

Ingredients: Water, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin,Steryl Alcohol,Stearalkonium Chloride, Dimethyl Stearamine, Orange Oil, Orange Extract,Vanilla Extract,Lactic Acid, Phthalate Free Fragrance, Paraben Free Preservative.

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  1. Amazing  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jul 2016

    I have 4C hair this product is really great as a quick deep conditioner and you can leave it on longer depending on the condition of your hair, the more you use it the results get better and better.

  2. really nice and not too heavy  star rating

    Posted by Alicia on 19th Jan 2016

    Works really well and leaves my hair nice and de-tangled. I used it not only as a masque but for a quick fix in the morning shower. Lovely!

  3. the best deep conditioner ever!!!  star rating

    Posted by Danielle on 22nd Oct 2015

    This deep conditioner is very moisturizing and leaves my 4c natural hair really soft.
    I am from the Netherlands and they don't sell this brand. So British Curlies please don't discontinue this brand.
    This is the only brand that works amazing on my hair!

  4. Good DC  star rating

    Posted by Lashana on 7th Sep 2015

    This product has a nice thick, creamy consistency and is really easy to distribute throughout the hair. it melted the tangles away and made my curls pop. I also love the really fresh citrus smell it has. The product is a bit pricey but you do get a lot in the tub.

  5. Liquid!  star rating

    Posted by Emma on 9th Jul 2015

    I had already bought the mask through the site in 2013 and I had been very happy: my hair was silky and very soft. During my last order I received a product that was not the same quality or the same consistency. The product was already open and Extremely liquid. I tried to put it in the fridge to see if the consistency go change but no difference I throw the mask in the trash. I have decue buy a mask £ 15.95 and £ 16.95 for postage (£ 32.3!!!!). I will buy directly from Hairveda next time.excuse me for my English I have a very low level

  6. LOVE  star rating

    Posted by KekeKurly on 23rd Aug 2014

    I can honestly say I love this. It is the second best thing to my d.i.y avocado mask which is hard to beat. The thickness is great for my 3c/4a hair and a little goes a long way! Will definitely keep as a staple product. But please re-stock !

  7. 4a & 4c thick/medium strand, porous  star rating

    Posted by champayne on 22nd May 2014

    I need a creamy oily thick conditioner for my porous hair and this fits in well with my requirements. It sinks in nicely, the smell is not offensive a d i find it don't have to use alot. I tend to add Avocado and JBCO to this with a shot of roux to help with closing my cuticles and after an hour under my heated cap or 30 mins under the steamer - i'm good. Tend to buy in bulk as it sells out for long periods.

    One of my holy grails.

  8. Amazing  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Mar 2014

    Great product but out of stock yet again. It's popular yes, so BUY SOME MORE. BEFORE you sell out. Every time there's an offer you can't take advantage because you are waiting for this to be in stock too otherwise you pay double postage. Really annoying that we can't just buy hair products when we want them like the rest of society. There should at least be an email me when in stock button.

  9. Nice mixed with other deep conditioners  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Feb 2014

    By itself this I felt this deep conditioner is average at best. however when mixed in with other conditioners such as the Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner, OMG! Heaven.

  10. 4b curly  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Feb 2014

    I simply LOVE this product, it softens moisturizes like no other! It makes your hair soft like silk, especially when you apply product to your hair and go under the steamer AMAZING RESULTS! Please don't stop selling this product its a keeper for life :D

  11. must have  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Feb 2014

    C'est un super hydratant. Indispensable dans la routine capillaire.

  12. hmmm  star rating

    Posted by TheBekalina on 22nd Nov 2013

    Well it was ok.. Was expecting so much more will not but again ..

  13. Amazing  star rating

    Posted by selina on 19th Nov 2013

    Amazing! Amazing! Excellent product! A little goes a long way and it leaves my hair feeling moisturised and supper soft. I sometimes mix this with coconut cream and the results are just amazing. Please don't stop selling this.

  14. Why oh why so regularly out of stock.  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2013

    It's fantastic. But 50% of the time I come to order it is out of stock. Buffer stock anyone? It is very annoying because then I end up waiting til it's instock to place my order. And who knows when that will be.

  15. merveilleux  star rating

    Posted by sabrina on 29th May 2013

    Ce soin profond est une merveille pour mes cheveux. Grosse contenance, prix raisonnable, produit facile à appliquer. L'odeur d'orange ne me derange pas elle n'est pas tres prononcée. Je le laisse poser 2h sous un bonnet mes cheveux sont nourris et doux au rinçage. Je le recommande je l'ai racheté car c'est un de mes produits chouchou <3

  16. Creamy and lush!  star rating

    Posted by Judy on 28th Mar 2013

    I love this stuff, a little goes a long way, the best deep conditioner I have every used on my hair. It is like a moose and very moisturing indeed - hope it works equally well for those with very dry and relatively fine hair !

  17. Amazing  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2013

    I can't use anything else, please keep this product in stock British Curlies!

  18. great conditioner (very dry 4a/b hair)  star rating

    Posted by Antoinette on 31st Jan 2013

    Hi ladies,

    I did my second big chop almost a year ago and since then have tried a ridiculous amount of deep conditioners that promise to soften the hair only to leave my hair feeling dry & brittle. I am sensitive to protein so will not use any products that contain any kind of protein. so this conditioner fits the bill protein free,simple ingredients, not too thick or thin and has a light fresh citrous scent that does not linger so great if you are sensitive to strong scents like me.

    I use this under the dryer for about 30 min to get the best results and trust me it takes a lot for a conditioner to soften my very dry 4a/b hair especially my brittle ends. its worth a try if you suffer from extremely
    dry/brittle hair . I love the fact that Hairveda does good value sample packs. I use there shikakai shampoo bar and follow up with this conditioner weekly. i am also a big fan of the almond glaze and the whipped ends leave in . I seriously recommend this product line if you have very dry hair just be sure to try the samples first just incase it doesn't do well for you. x

  19. its ok for my tight curls  star rating

    Posted by Ruth on 9th Aug 2012

    I was expecting this product to be alot richer than it was because of the texture, but it was not, it was also not very good at getting my knots out

  20. Soft and lovely  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Aug 2012

    It's great. Makes your hair soft and manageable. Only conditioner I use now. You don't need much. I have quite a lot of 3c/4a hair and a jar lasts me quite a few months. I only wash every couple of weeks though. Still I have been known to get through half a bottle of other conditioners in one wash. I put it on wrap in clingfilm and steam for half an hour. Loveliness.

    Other products that are really working for me are bee mine leave in and daily spritz and jane carter dry scalp oil.

  21. Lovely  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2012

    Where oh where has this conditioner gone? Fiinally find a good qualit conditioner and now it's unavailable! :(

  22. Not for White/Asian/Hispanic hair!!  star rating

    Posted by Lana on 12th Mar 2012

    This conditioner is definitely not for straight hair. The high content of castor oil makes hair sticky oily and dull. I should have known, bc my hair hates castor oil, stupid me. I'm sure it'll work great on naturally dry Afro textured hair, and for ppl who like castor oil.

  23. Sticky not slippy  star rating

    Posted by Karen on 24th Feb 2012

    I had high hopes for this conditioner but it really doesn't suit my 3b/c highly porous hair. I was using it after a protein treatment and thought the lack of conditioning was due to that - but paid more attention and realised my hair felt pretty good after the protein treatment and as I applied this the slippy feeling was being replaced with a sticky one.

  24. Great conditioner for 3c hair!  star rating

    Posted by Helene on 27th Jan 2012

    I received a sample of this with an order a while ago. I love it! It sinks right into my hair, and a little seems to go a long way. It left my hair looking shiny and feeling soft and strong.

  25. best DC - can't live without it  star rating

    Posted by Fine 4a on 13th Jan 2012

    I steam with this DC after every wash and every time without fail I am left with smooth, soft hair. I don't know what it is about this DC that makes it so moisturising but I love it.

  26. Love this product.  star rating

    Posted by denisse on 7th Oct 2011

    This is the best deep conditioner ever!! My hair 3c gets all the nutrients in it. Better results when covering and under a dryer or steamer, but since I dont have either one I cover it with a cap and put a towel. Sometimes i dont have time for the whole process and i use it while on the shower, use a wide comb and add some knot today, then rinse off just a little and use both as a leave in. I will continue to use this product 4ever.

  27. Just OK  star rating

    Posted by Dana on 6th Oct 2011

    Used on its own, it didn't do much for my 4b/c hair. When mixed with some type of oil and honey, it produced OK results. There are better deep conditioners out there.

  28. Way better than I thought it would be  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Oct 2011

    I sat under my steamer with this and as I undid my twists my hair felt so soft. Rinsing it out it was still soft!! I love this DC.

  29. The best DC I've ever found  star rating

    Posted by Moodyma'am on 13th Mar 2011

    I used this (mixed with a touch of AOGBP) under my steamer for 20mins and I can honestly say this is the best conditioner I have ever used.

    My hair has never felt so soft and silky. I had some unbelievably dry ends that I thought were definitely for the chop and they've gone.

    My hair is 3c/4a thick, APL texlaxed and prone to over-porosity. My hair has never felt this good which is why I am gushing cos I feel the need to share.

    I'd definitely recommend it.

  30. 4b Curly  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Feb 2011

    A great deep conditioner, i use it as a leave in conditioner and its fantastic! i dampen my hair with a spray bottle, then apply the conditioner and it instantly softens up my hair! The only reason i didn't give 5 stars is because you have to rub it in quite a bit before it dissapears into your hair, but after applying i styled my hair in flat twists, left them in overnight and had a great twist out the following morning. I had alot of compliments!

  31. Brilliant  star rating

    Posted by Rina on 1st Feb 2011

    I used this on mine and my daughters hair, Im 4a and she is 3a. This was brilliant, to get the full benefits I sat under the dryer for 20 mins. My hair and hers felt like picked cotton.
    My denman brush glided through our hair easily!
    Brilliant for detangling and deep conditioning.
    The only reason I did not give it a 5, is because 1/4 of it fell down my plug because the tub slipped out of my hands. Would be better in a bottle.

  32. A quality conditioner!  star rating

    Posted by Elise on 26th Jan 2011

    I've been using Sitrinillah for the past few weeks and it has blown me away. It leaves my new growth and lengths incredibly moisturised and for days post wash. Further it has such a beautiful revitalising fragrance of oranges. I'm so glad HairVeda has finally come to British Curlies - I will forever be a fan!

  33. Love this!  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Nov 2010

    If you have 4 type hair (I am 4a, 4b) and you have been looking for a conditioner to make your hair feel soft, then you must try this! Not only does this make my hair feel soft and springy to the touch once I’ve used it, it smells absolutely delicious!

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