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Jessicurl Aloeba Conditioner 8oz

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    Aloeba was created as a daily rinse-out conditioner light enough for fine hair, but we've heard from many people that they're using it as a leave in too. That's great! The fact that the formula is free of silicones and proteins means that you can leave it in without fear of you hair drying out over time.

    Adding moisture to curly hair is a tricky practice some curls need a good dose of moisture, but are at risk of getting weighed down. This conditioner uses aloe, jojoba, coconut, and avocado oils to moisturize the hair without being too heavy. The added benefit of a variety of herbs and spices make this a truly fabulous conditioner.


    Water infused with Lemongrass, Nettle, Burdock, Kelp, Marshmallow Root, Horsetail, Basil, Bay Leaf, Oregano, Rosemary, Peppermint, Sage, and Thyme; Aloe Vera Juice, Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Cetearyl Alcohol, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Hydrolyzed Oat Flour, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Fragrance.

    Please note, the No Fragrance range contains Coumarin, Limonene, Linalool 

    Ingredient Highlights:
    Protein-Free,Silicone- Free, Sulfate-Free,Glycerin- Free Paraben-Free

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    1. Disappointing  star rating

      Posted by Tam on 28th Sep 2017

      A lot of money for a poor product. The conditioner is watery and not very moisturising at all, it left my hair frizzy and dry. I have used several different products from British Curlies and the Jessicurl range is definitely the worst one.

    2. New to natural curly hair. Highly recommend Jessicurl range.  star rating

      Posted by teresa whittington on 27th Dec 2016

      I have just started to experiment with my curly hair and how to get the best out of it. After reading the reviews on "british curlies" of type of hair , i choose a recommended Jessicurl range. I think my hair type is highly porous where treated with dye and low porous at roots. It is short, Fine and low density with 2c curls and baby hair at the temples with cherub curls mixed in at the hairline.
      After using Jessicurl the change was instant.
      i initially used the shampoo, which was great but i now pre poo the porous ends (homemade mix of oils, coconut, shea butter and avocado-essential oils of choice) so use Avalon clarifying conditioner instead. then i rinse and use Jessicurl aloeba conditioner and leave in. i finish with Jessicurl rocking ringlets. Perfect.
      It's taken a while to get used to the amount of curls .Wow.
      I genuinely did not know how curly my hair was it had always been frizzy.

      I would recommend Jessicurl it smells divine and does the job instantly for me. its even encouraged me to stop dying my hair, i'm addicted and i've been dying for years. This is because the hair not dyed , feels so soft and responds so well to the products.
      PS. i've even bought the smaller set of the Jessicurl range to take camping. i love it. It makes such defined healthy springy fuzz free curls that you want to sniff.
      thank you Jessicurl i appreciate the products so much.

    3. Soft waves  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 11th May 2016

      2A hair type. Medium porosity near the root and increased porosity towards the ends. Fine. Very dense.

      I can use a palmful of this conditioner and it does not weight my hair down. The texture is on the thin side for a conditioner and it is wonderful for detangling. I follow with a leave in and I don't get a greasy feel at all. The downside is the price. I use quite a lot and after using it a couple of weeks (I wash my hair about twice a week) the bottle there is about 2/3 of a bottle left.

    4. Great for FINE hair  star rating

      Posted by Ian on 9th Oct 2015

      I've got fine curly hair and until I discovered British Curlies and Jessicurl if I let my hair grow out it was always flyaway frizzy - couldn't get the strands to stay in a group!! I thought the answer was really heavy moisturisers but this didn't really work too well tbh. and my hairy usually looked greasy by end of the day. I emailed Jessicurl when I started with their products and asked loads of questions, all of which were answered courteously and promptly. They advised to use the lightest moisturiser as a daily conditioner and they were right. With the shampoo and conditioner and then Spiralicious styling lotion and mopping dry with microfibre cloth I finally get curly hair, with very defined curls and it stays like that all day. I'm sticking with this!!

    5. BEST CONDITONER EVER!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Mar 2015

      i love this conditioner my curly hair is fine and very dry! After ordering two bottles i decided order the full size this time! i always had problems with conditioner if its too moisturiser would weight down my hair but know i am glad that found jessicurl i am loving this brand! is the best conditioner EVER when i tried i though wouldnt be moisturiser enough for my hair but after i rinse out woow my hair was so soooftt and very moisturiser and plus it didn't weight down my hair! is something special about this conditoner that i am not going stop buying this ! the scent island fantasy is the best one and my boyfriend loves the smell everytime i wash my hair :) thank you jessicurl and curl emporium to ship all these goodies to uk :)!

    6. perfect balance  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2014

      This is the best conditioner I have ever used. I don't need a lot and it really delivers strength, smoothing and shiny condition. I can use it as a leave in too.
      Perfect for fine cherub curls.

    7. Jessicurl Aloeba  star rating

      Posted by Medusacurls on 14th Jun 2014

      I do love Aloeba. It works well as a rinse out and a leave in, and combines nicely with stylers. It's a good product for adding moisture between washes too.

    8. ordered by mistake  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 9th Apr 2013

      I actually ordered this one by mistake ,but when it arrived i thought i may aswell try it , it didnt moisturise my curls atall i think that was probably because it was too light for my curls !! i have type 3a/b curls and i have been following the curly girly method for 3 months so quite new to this!! i have ordered the too shea conditioner as it is supposed to be more moisturising so fingers crossed x

    9. Great for hair that gets weighed down  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 14th May 2012

      Amazing for 3a/b hair that gets weigh down. Perfect as a conditioner and leave-in. Have repurchased the 33oz bottle, if your having problems with conditioners being too heavy for your hair, give this a go.

    10. Great as a leave in with KCCC  star rating

      Posted by Fluffy4eva on 22nd Jul 2011

      Im giving this a generous star rating despite its inadequacy as a rinse-out conditioner because KCCC is my favourite styler but I find its very temperamental with other products. I use this on my 3A hair in the place of KC Knot Today (which doesnt moisturise my hair) followed by KCCC and a dab of BRHG and I have shiney smooth curls that hold for most of the day (my curls tend to drop out by early evening. this combo holds them longer than most)

    11. Great as a leave-in on my 3a/b hair  star rating

      Posted by CrystalTips on 7th Jan 2011

      Got a sample of this a while back and, based on reviews by others, decided to try it as a leave-in as it is quite light (not heavy enough for me as a rinse out). Plenty of slip and light moisture - which is a great alternative to my other, heavier leave-ins. Worked well with a variety of stylers for me. Have purchased full size but is now winter so needing more moisture. Will use again come spring.

    12. Disappointing.  star rating

      Posted by oddityofwings on 17th Sep 2010

      I really wanted to like this - but it simply doesn't like my hair. The smell is nice, the consistency is nice, it's got great slip - but it leaves a horrible film on my hair that it took 3 sulfate shampoos to get out. I am unsure what in the ingredients has caused this problem (I think it's the urea-based preservative), but Aloeba and all the various Jessicurl products have caused this problem with me. My hair was oily, lank, and dried out to boot in 2 days flat.

    13. Great daily conditioner and leave in  star rating

      Posted by CLynch on 17th Aug 2010

      As with all the other Jessicurl products, this is fantastic. Use as a daily conditioner and on those days when I don't use shampoo. Also perfect for use as a leave in, which if added before applying Rockin Ringlets and Confident Coils means there is no scrunch at all. Would be great if it could be stocked in 33 oz size.

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