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Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner 12oz

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Shea Moisture
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    Moisturizes and repairs dry, lifeless, over-processed and damaged hair.
    After shampooing, work conditioner through hair from roots to ends
    Leave on hair for up to 1 minute, then rinse thoroughly or leave on hair for up to 15 minutes for deeper conditioning
    As a leave-in conditioner, work a 5P-sized amount through damp haiMoisturizes and repairs dry, lifeless, over-processed and damaged hair.

    After shampooing, work conditioner through hair from roots to ends. Leave on hair for up to 1 minute, then rinse thoroughly or leave on hair for up to 15 minutes for deeper conditioning. As a leave-in conditioner, work a 5p-sized amount through damp hair, then style as desired.

    Ingredients: Deionized water, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter)*, Argan oil, coconut oil*, Behentrimonium chloride, essential oil blend, vegetable glycerin, emulsifying wax, sea kelp extract, Panthenol (vitamin B-5), avocado oil, Lonicera Caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower and Lonicera Japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) flower extract, Tocopherol (vitamin E) and Daucus Carota Sativa (carrot) seed oil. *Denotes certified organic ingredients.

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    1. Great as a leave-in, not quite as a rinse-out conditioner  star rating

      Posted by Samantha O. on 14th Apr 2017

      I actually love using this product, but as a leave-in conditioner. It doesn't do much for me as a rinse-out conditioner so, I use it as the former. It's a great leave-in. My hair feels nice and soft after working it in.

    2. amazing smell  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Apr 2017

      This is a great gentle conditioner, but the thing I love most about it it´s the smell. It smells soo good!

    3. a little goes a long way  star rating

      Posted by Susie on 14th Mar 2017

      Lovely luxurious product, works great on dry hair too and a little goes a long way, delighted with my purchase

    4. Great stuff  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 9th Mar 2017

      I used as a leave in condition, condition. It works really well on my 4C hair. Staple in rountine

    5. great conditioner  star rating

      Posted by Amanda on 20th Jan 2017

      I have been using this for a few years now - it's really moisturing without weighing my hair down. I recently used it and left it in as I thought my hair seemed dry it worked well my hair was curlier and lovely and soft. I will be using this for years to come

    6. Shea Moisture!  star rating

      Posted by Sheterrica Hollnbuchner on 9th Dec 2016

      This was a staple product when I first big chopped 3 years ago. This has great slip so you could detangle with it. I think it's best to use as a leave-in because why would you wash such a great product away? No other conditioner has made my hair feel as soft and manageable as this. Living in Austria, it is hard to find sites that sell Shea Moisture products at a great price. Now that I've found British Curlies I'll replace the products I have now with Shea Moisture when I run out. The Shea Butter line seems to make all my hair problems go away. I've started using it for my husband as well. So thankful for this site. :)

    7. Perfect  star rating

      Posted by Samantha on 5th Jul 2016

      Soft hair and very nutrient

    8. Love! Love!  star rating

      Posted by katherine on 21st Apr 2016

      I use the product as a leave in conditioner. It's moistures my 4c hair. I use it ever day.

    9. Love! Love!  star rating

      Posted by katherine on 21st Apr 2016

      I use the product as a leave in conditioner. It's moistures my 4c hair. I use it ever day.

    10. lovely texture  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 23rd Mar 2016

      Great conditioner. Good for a leave in too.

    11. Great product  star rating

      Posted by Helen on 3rd Nov 2015

      Leaves my hair feeling really soft, and manageable. Would buy again.

    12. Best leave-in for my dry hair  star rating

      Posted by Rita on 22nd Jun 2015

      I've been using this as a leave-in for a few years now and it's the best I've found, as my hair is quite porous and this retains a good amount of moisture. But I still use argan oil on top, as my hair looooves oils.

    13. Smells great  star rating

      Posted by Danielle on 28th Apr 2015

      I gave 4 stars as although it works great as a leave it it felt very drying when used as a rinse out conditioner. Lovely smell and adore the pump action.

    14. Nice and moisturising.  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2015

      Really good product, lots of slip, decent fragrance. Nice creamy consistency although it can flake when used with other products, this happened when I used As I am smoothing gel, mixed roots curl stretching custard or too much on its own. I am heavy handed so with this product I have to be more careful not to use to much, it is also moisturising. This is the second bottle I have tried and I used it as a leave in.

    15. Multiple uses and works well  star rating

      Posted by jenny on 7th Apr 2015

      I like that I can use this as a normal conditioner or as a deep conditioner or as a leave in conditioner. I does not build up and it feels and smells nice

    16. Great Leave-in Product  star rating

      Posted by irishcurlycolleen on 19th Mar 2015

      This is a great leave-in conditioner under my SM smoothie. As I deep moisturize with the SM deep conditioning masque every week, I haven't yet tried this as a rinse out conditioner but will in the future to see what the results will be.

    17. good leave in  star rating

      Posted by windychurch on 9th Jan 2015

      Have not had this for too long yet so not sure how much it will improve my extremely coarse, porous hair long term but so far, as a leave in, I like it.. leaves my hair reasonably soft, not too heavy..love the natural ingredients. The pump has not worked from day one so its a pain getting it out the bottle but as it stands, i would recommend.

    18. EXCEPTIONAL HAIRCARE  star rating

      Posted by Vee on 8th Jan 2015

      This wonderful conditioner and the shampoo is extremely effective and has transformed my seriously dry dead breaking hair to silky smooth and shiny and it is chemical free - cannot live without it.

    19. No no no as a R/O, yes ye yes as a L/I  star rating

      Posted by Shell on 24th Nov 2014

      As a R/O conditioner this made my hair hard, straight and hard to detangle in the shower. It then made my hair stringy and flat.

      As a L/I this stuff was great. A little goes a long way! Made curls smell lovely, soft and bouncy.

      My hair is 2B, high porosity and fine.

    20. Impressive!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2014

      I've bought 3 products from SheaMoisture including this conditioner and I definitely recommend!

      Hair seems to really love the all-natural ingredients and I noticed straight away how easy it was to detangle my hair after this compared to other chemical-y products.

      The shampoos are amazing as well, they do what they claim to do, you still get plenty of volume yet they're not harsh or stripping on the hair.

      These are also the only products i found that genuinely seem 'organic', when you look at the label there really isn't any hidden chemicals which I think will be way better for my hair in the long run.

      Also, an added bonus is you're helping the environment as well as your hair :)

    21. Another great product from Shea Moisture!  star rating

      Posted by Donna Lesmond on 22nd Aug 2014

      Just fantastic! I use this as a daily, deep and leave in conditioner. I have 3b/3c hair and it conditions my hair beautifully. Also love that is all natural. The only thing I would change is the pump top bottle its completely redundant and very annoying as hard to pump whilst in the shower!

    22. very nice  star rating

      Posted by Debbie. west london on 16th May 2014

      bought this along with the anti-breakage masque for fine hair. my hair seems to love it! curls are nice and defined, but most of all my hair looks and feels great!

    23. One of the best leavin conditioner for kinky or curly hair!  star rating

      Posted by Luciana on 17th Apr 2014

      OMG! I love it! I use it as a leavin conditioner and it makes my hair shine, soft and hydrated. Its composition is clean, and does not saturate the hair.

    24. It's Ok  star rating

      Posted by BCM on 19th Mar 2014

      This conditioner didn't blow me away. It does an adequate job but once I finish this bottle I won't re-purchase I'm afraid.

    25. Love it but ........  star rating

      Posted by Fa' on 17th Mar 2014

      I love this DC which has a good slip in it and detangles and soften my hair after uing it but the pump is just annoying to use as the product is thick I had to cut the bottle and pour it in a different container.Will I buy it again not sure as I DC weekly andas i'm a 4C and have thick hair i need a lot on my hair.
      If the bottle was different a bigger I would definitely repurchase it.

    26. moisturising  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2014

      Great conditioner but i prefer it as a leave in my hair is 3c 4a dry however on my husband's 3c hair its absolutely amazing even he kept saying how it soften his hair immediately and the comb just run through his hair!

    27. My regular conditioner  star rating

      Posted by BotticelliBrit on 2nd Mar 2014

      3A / 3B. Medium porosity. Medium density.

      Amazing slip and SO moisturising. This has revived my hair and I use it religiously. A staple product that I'm so glad I tried!

      My curls are shiny, bouncy and healthy-looking, so I'm a very happy camper. The only negative for me is the price, but I've bought this conditioner time and time again regardless of that because it's that good.

    28. Amazing  star rating

      Posted by Carly on 23rd Feb 2014

      Before i discovered sheamoisture my hair was so thin and badly damaged i thought i would never be able to find an amazing product. I purchased the conditioner 2 months ago and it is amazing! my hair is so healthy,soft and shiny. My curls are coming back and my hair is becoming so much thicker. also my hair has grown so quick as my hair takes forever to grow. I would recommend this product for anyone who has damaged hair. I usually use this as a deep treatment twice a week.

    29. My Lovely Leave In/ Rinse Out  star rating

      Posted by Brown Eyed Girl on 4th Feb 2014

      I use this as both my rinse out and leave in conditioner and I loveeee it. I especially like it as a leave in because it keeps my hair soft but not weighed down. The moisture does last a long time and it does have enough slip so you can comb through your hair without ripping it out!

      As a rinse out, it leaves my hair nice and soft. I suspect this will be with me for a very long time I have 3b/3c hair if that helps. x

    30. Does what a conditioner should do  star rating

      Posted by Jodes on 3rd Feb 2014

      Great conditioner, ive tried so many over the years but this one truly conditions. Is still light enough to leave in but heavy enough to deep condition as long as you get the quantity that works for your hair. I highly recommend and it's a great price from where ive seen it on other sights.

    31. Excellent  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2014

      I have recently gone natural and the amount of growth I have seen in the 4 months I have used this product is fantastic. I rinse my hair using this every three days and my hair and scalp are always well moisturised.

      Truly worth the buy

    32. Amazing conditionner  star rating

      Posted by Loline on 22nd Nov 2013

      C'est la première fois que je teste les produits Shea Moisture, et le moins que l'on puisse dire et que je suis complètement conquise.
      My product quest is over, my hair love this product and it is not oily which is a huge plus.
      It is a must have and must use in my hair regiment.
      I completely recommend it for 4C hair type like me.

    33. My favourite conditioner (3A)  star rating

      Posted by BotticelliBrit on 22nd Nov 2013

      I LOVE this conditioner. Back in the day (lol) I'd always have to buy two bottles of conditioner for every bottle of shampoo - now I don't have to do that anymore!

      This conditioner has SUCH great slip and it super moisturising, but it's also not too heavy so I use it for baptism rinses and it leaves my curls silky, shiny and bouncy :D

    34. Super intense Moisture  star rating

      Posted by Alison Cameron on 22nd Oct 2013

      Ok so I have dense 4b/c hair with medium thick strands. This conditioner is the truth, it has excellent slip and has really softened my dry hair. I use it to co wash and it's heavy enough to withstand the sauna at my gym.
      It even leaves my highly textured tresses shiny with movement and causes my tiny curls to pop. It's non greasy but creamy and moisturising. It allows the comb to glide right through my hair, I will definitely repurchase.

    35. BEST conditioner ever used  star rating

      Posted by Nikki on 26th Sep 2013

      I absolutely love the slip this gives my hair. I can detangle easily and it makes my hair feel soooo silky smooth and I have damage! I will keep using both this, the matching shampoo and curl harmony's deep conditioner to restore my hair back to life its already curling back pretty nicely :)

    36. Used it as a leave in  star rating

      Posted by Taylor-Jade on 4th Sep 2013

      I used this product as a leave in conditioner on my daughters hair after washing and deep conditioning. It was ok, nothing special, my daughter has very dry hair and I didnt feel as though this product softened and added moisture more than any other leave in. Its quite expensive and because of the price I would not purchase it again. Sorry

    37. ENFIN!!! Un leave in à ma convenance.  star rating

      Posted by Valérie on 2nd Aug 2013

      Dans ma recherche de produits j'avais zappé le leave in à force de ne pas trouver ce qui me convenait et l'avait remplacer directement par mon après-shampoing. Mais là le top des top. Seul après un co-wash puis scellage ou combiné au CS et/ou le CES J'ADOOOORE. Il hydrate très bien mes cheveux, permet de démêler facilement aux doigts, il me donne une superbe définition braidout, twistout.


      Posted by IRENE on 23rd Jul 2013


    39. Fantastic ingredients  star rating

      Posted by Miss Woodstock on 16th Jul 2013

      Both me and my Daughter have thick afro curls which adore raw Shea butter- and as we have fallen in love with the shampoo's in this range (which cleanse and leave hair soft and tangle free- like magic! shea moisture retention/ coconut and hibiscus are both great), so we took the plunge and gave this a try. For detangling our curls this in lovely- and it works well for me for wash and goes. For my daughter though it needs a boost and we normally add Raw Shea Butter to good effect. Every head is different- but as the ingredients are good its worth a try. Good luck Curlies.

    40. Silky Smooth!  star rating

      Posted by Nikki on 11th Jul 2013

      I have used this conditioner three times so far and love it! It is great for detangling my 3C curls and heat damaged hair and a little goes a long way. It softens, moisturises and feels silky as I rinse would definately buy again!

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