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Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo 12oz

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Shea Moisture
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    Gently cleans, moisturizes and detangles hair for bouncy, healthy curls.
    Apply shampoo to wet hair, gently massage and work into a rich lather, then rinse thoroughly.
    Ingredients: de-ionized water, Decyl Glucoside (sugar beets), Cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter)*, aloe vera leaf juice, vitamin E, Melia Azadirachta (Neem) seed oil, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (coconut oil), Panthenol (vitamin B-5), rosemary extract, silk protein, Lonicera Caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower and Lonicera Japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) flower extract. *Denotes certified organic ingredients

    Gently cleans, moisturizes and detangles hair for bouncy, healthy curls.

    Apply shampoo to wet hair, gently massage and work into a rich lather, then rinse thoroughly.

    Ingredients: Water, Decyl Glucoside (sugar beets), Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Hydrolyzed silk, Glycol Stearate, Fragrance (Essential oil Blend),Glyceryl Caprylate,  Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter)*, Panthenol (vitamin B-5), Cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil*,  Melia Azadirachta (Neem) seed oil, aloe vera leaf juice, Rosrinus Officinalis, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Glyceryl Undecylenate, Stearamide AMP, Sodium, Benzoate, Sodium Phytate.

    *Certified Organic Ingredients

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    1. the best  star rating

      Posted by Svetlana Stankevicius on 30th Jun 2017

      I actually planned to buy moroccan black soap,but because it was well discounted I decided to buy something else.I have flat,straight, not thick hair.I'm always trying to buy as chemical free as possible.I don't know why I choose this shampoo.I bought it at full price.
      But I'm sooooo happy that I tried it.It doesn't strip my natural hair oil as others do.I still wash my head twice a week,but hair look more clean befor next wash.
      And even after wash it's easy to comb them.I didn't bought similar conditioner,but I'll definitely will buy it when shampoo goes down.
      Also I notice I only need small ammount for my shoulder blade length,but actually wash only roots and never the length.
      It's good for me non curlie

    2. Pretty good  star rating

      Posted by Samantha O. on 14th Apr 2017

      I really like this shampoo. It just might be my favourite by Shea Moisture. It lathers well, washes well and doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped.

    3. Drys my scalp out bad!  star rating

      Posted by Faria on 19th Feb 2016

      Don't get me wrong! This product smells BEAUTIFUL. It works nice on my son's hair but it drys my scalp out so badly after just second use. I have tried a couple of times but my scalp just doesn't agree with it. Shame!!

    4. Soft and silky  star rating

      Posted by Isabel on 25th Jan 2016

      Nice shampoo, it leaves my hair soft.

    5. Lovely  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 20th Jan 2016

      A very nice shampoo which is worth a little extra money

    6. The best shampoo for my afro hair  star rating

      Posted by Sandy on 7th Sep 2015

      it took me time to find the shampoo that do not make my hair dry and when I tried first the sheamoisutre products and then this shampoo, I said: that's it, this is the one! it leave my hait soft and not tangled all together.
      my hait are 4B type and the shea butter present in this product make my hait really beautiful. this product and the all range of this product are the best for me and my afro hait :)

    7. Excellent rich product  star rating

      Posted by Rosie on 19th May 2015

      Stick with this one - it doesnt seem to go on that well, makes your hair feel a bit (ARGH) dry. But then when you dry it, its amazing!! Its quite rich, so bear that in mind.

    8. Top product  star rating

      Posted by Laura on 4th May 2015

      For my 3a/b curls one of the best shampoos ever. I´m very happy with it!

    9. Brilliant shampoo!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 10th Jan 2015

      Lovely stuff. Really helps keep hair soft as well as clean. Have used it with the conditioner and butter cream. Fantastic products, really see the difference with condition of hair.

    10. Very creamy, good lather nice smell  star rating

      Posted by Claire on 24th Dec 2014

      This shampoo lathered much more than I expected since it is sulfate free. It is thick and creamy with a really sweet smell. I like a strong fragrance but I could see some people might find it a bit much. I really like this shampoo but dont think I could afford to use it all the time- might just use in the Winter when my hair seems drier

    11. coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo  star rating

      Posted by Anna on 23rd Dec 2014

      Wonderful product. Smells beautiful not too overpowering. Softens the hair which feels smooth and silky even when dry. I will definitely continue using this product.

    12. cool  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 5th Dec 2014

      j'ai trouver mon shampoing la texture, l'odeur, l'effet sur mes cheveux je valide.

    13. the best!!  star rating

      Posted by vilma on 3rd Dec 2014

      now let me tell you, this is by far the best moisturising shampoo I have tried so far!! and I have tried tons!! it leaves my hair feeling pretty soft and shiny. love the smell as it isn't too overwhelming it's just right! I also use it on my 3 year old daughter and it's gentle enough. I'll definitely be buying more in the near future.

    14. FANTASTIC!!!  star rating

      Posted by vilma marie on 7th Nov 2014

      I was pleasently surprised on how much this shampoo moisturises my hair. It feels like a Conditioner/Shampoo in 1. It smells quite nice too. Now, I`ve been eyeing this Brand for a very long time and pleased to say that I`ve ordered other products from the Shea Moisture line to try out. I hope they`re all as good as this one!! @curl emporium - I wanna thank you for a fantastic service and delivery. I would highly recommend anyone shopping here.

    15. Fantastic moisturising shampoo!  star rating

      Posted by Donna Lesmond on 22nd Aug 2014

      Love love love this product. It smells lovely. It feels great, has a lot of slip for a shampoo and moisturises really well. I would recommend this for all hair types but really suited my 3b/3c hair.

    16. Great stuff!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 19th Jul 2014

      It is not stripping on my hair and it also leaves a my hair very soft. This is top stuff, I would definitely repurchase.

    17. Love it!  star rating

      Posted by Sophie on 2nd Apr 2014

      Smells fab, adds shine and defines curls!! Best shampoo i've tried so far!

    18. Moisturising and smells divine!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2014

      3A / 3B. Medium porosity. Medium density.

      This is such a lovely shampoo!

      Great consistency so it spreads well through the hair.
      Amazing smell.
      Has a nice lather (which I do enjoy!).
      Absolutely fantastic ingredients.

      This shampoo is so good for my hair and leaves it feeling clean but oh-so-soft. If you have finer hair it might build up, but I've never had any troubles.

      It's my regular shampoo and I love it dearly!

    19. amazeballssss  star rating

      Posted by rene on 21st Dec 2013

      It's amazing! My hair journey only just started and am loving it already. Shea moisture is amazing. Thank youuuu

    20. great sulphate free shampoo  star rating

      Posted by HollyE on 6th Dec 2013

      I knew I would live this shampoo as I adore the Shea moisture range. This shampoo enables m,e to remove all the build up from my products without totally stripping my hair from its much needed moisture. I find I only need a small palmful to create a foam that covers my whole scalp, which is great as it means that I still have 3/4 of a bottle left despite using it weekly for the past 2 months. I will definitely purchase this again.

    21. Great!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2013

      I have blond scandinavian wavy to curly hair. More curls in the summer and only waves when it is -20 celsius in the winter. This shampoo has a lot of slip and a lot of moisture that my hair likes. In combination with the conditioner it makes my hair very shiny and just so beautiful. I got a lot of comments on my hair since using this only a week. I like the smell. Sweet, but not too sweet coconut smell. Will buy again!

    22. Can't imagine finding a low-poo I like more! (3A)  star rating

      Posted by BotticelliBrit on 22nd Nov 2013

      I ADORE this low-poo, seriously. For one, the ingredients are magic and it has no sulfates, parabens and a bunch of other stuff. All the baddies are missing! :D

      Now onto the results: WOW. 1) This smells divine. 2) It has a slight lather, which I like. 3) It REALLY leaves my hair feeling and looking clean. 4) It's SO MOISTURISING. After using this I don't even feel like I need to condition (I do still condition though lol). It just leaves my hair silky and soft and gorgeous.

      Oh and for any LP girls out there - I have low porosity hair and have never had experience with build-up or my scalp not feeling clean when using this. It's just AMAZING.

    23. Loved it  star rating

      Posted by Taylor-Jade on 4th Sep 2013

      I used this product on my daughters hair and I loved it. During and after washing my daughters hair felt really soft, almost felt like she had conditioner on her hair. her hair looked shiney after washing. She does have very dry hair so the sheen did not last for very long. The shampoo is expensive and I can only purchase it online not not sure if I will purchase it again. Overall a very good shampoo, wish it was stocked in my local hair shops.

    24. SO FAR SO GOOD  star rating

      Posted by Andre Clarke on 29th Jul 2013

      Just used it today for the first time and I have no complaints, My hair is clean, smells good and is shiny. My hair does not feel stripped at all which is what I was looking for the most. Overall I'm happy.

    25. Love this  star rating

      Posted by Maza on 12th Mar 2013

      This shampoo is really good I have quite thin & thirsty hair this makes my hair feel so soft you can actually detangle your hair with your fingers. LOVE THIS STUFF!

    26. Excellent moisturizing shampoo  star rating

      Posted by Anna on 11th Mar 2013

      This shampoo is great and leaves my hair feeling very moisturized, soft and shiny. The smell is lovely and you only need a little bit as it goes a long way. A definite staple for my family.

    27. Better than the moisture retention for 4a/4b hair  star rating

      Posted by Yoli on 11th Feb 2013

      I have become a product junkie trying many of the products of this line. This is the best shampoo for my hair 4a/4b. It leaves my hair super shiny and with great curl definition. I follow with the Yucca & Baobab Volumising Conditioner. I finally found a great curl shampoo for my hair type.

    28. Very nice shampoo for my 3b hair  star rating

      Posted by Singing curly on 26th Nov 2012

      I´ve used a lot of sulfate free shampoos but this one is really lovely. It lathers beautifully and leaves hair feeling lovely and clean. The only reason I´m not giving it 5 stars is because it is slightly too "rich" for my hair which doesn´t need quite so much moisture.

    29. Best Shampoo Ever  star rating

      Posted by 3c Curly Queen on 19th Aug 2012

      This is my first review since finding this website and let me start by saying this site is genius, it's about time that we British curlies are able to purchase brilliant affordable curl friendly products. I only waited one day for the shampoo to arrive, I ordered it with the Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk which I also enjoyed using.

      This shampoo was so moisturising, it left my 3c hair feeling soft, smooth and tangle free whistle leaving my scalp feeling clean and refreshed. I will defiantly continue to use this product and it has a secure place on my staple list

      Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!

    30. unsure  star rating

      Posted by Yella on 14th Aug 2012

      While this smells nice and left my hair soft, I didn't feel like it was clean.
      it is good value for money and lasts ages, so I will finish what I have but I dont know if I will be buying it again

    31. Amazing!  star rating

      Posted by Jade Woodstock on 23rd Jul 2012

      Never usually review...but i have never used a shampoo that made my daughters hair feel so soft. Haven't tried it on me yet but can't wait, her hair is tightly coiled 4c which is down her back but shrinks to her shoulder. Felt like i was applying conditioner- REALLY- I managed to finger comb with shampoo in (usually impossible). Really impressed. followed up with the shea moisture retention conditioner- also lovely! Was hesitant about the price- but think it was worth it now i know how well it worked on her hair.

    32. Best shampoo I have ever tried.  star rating

      Posted by Rebecca on 11th Jun 2012

      Well, the headline says it all. A good cleanser, no stripping. Hardly needs conditioner afterwards. I will buy again for sure. :D


      Posted by Unknown on 26th Feb 2012

      This is the BEST shampoo that I have tried in 18 months of seriously taking care of my natural hair(4a/b hair) This is definately a keeper!

    34. very pleased  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2012

      I have 3a coloured hair. This shampoo was geat, only needed a little and lathers more than some of my other non sulphate shampoos. Can still get my fingers through hair and once conditioned my hair was smooth and bouncy. I used the yucca conditioner with it and really like that too.

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