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Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque 12oz

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Shea Moisture
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    This rich treatment deeply moisturizes and repairs hair, while providing a protective barrier for the hair from heat and styling aids
    Directions: After shampooing, massage into wet hair and leave on for 5-45 minutes.Add a plastic cap and moderate heat for deep penetration.

    This rich treatment deeply moisturizes and repairs hair, while providing a protective barrier for the hair from heat and styling aids.

    Directions: After shampooing, massage into wet hair and leave on for 5-45 minutes.Add a plastic cap and moderate heat for deep penetration.

    Ingredients: Deionized water, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter) (denotes certified organic ingredients), Argan oil, vegetable glycerin, emulsifying wax, sea kelp extract, Panthenol (vitamin B-5), essential oil blend, avocado oil, Lonicera Caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower and Lonicera Japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) flower extract, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Hyssopus Officinalis Extract, Salvia Officinalis (sage) leaf and Equisetum Arvense Extract, soybean oil and Daucus Carota Sativa (carrot) seed oil.

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    1. Moisture!  star rating

      Posted by Ana tolia on 1st Mar 2018

      I leave it for 20 minutes and I really see difference! I recommend it!

    2. nice but no 'slip'  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 9th Aug 2017

      I have dry bleached curly Caucasian hair that doesn't like protein too much. This is a protein free deep conditioner so I had high hopes. I leave it on for about an hour under a plastic cap and warm towel and rinse. I think it does nourish my hair but it doesn't provide any 'slip' so hair can still feel a little difficult to detangle after washing. I'll use the whole tub but I think I'll try something else with slip rather than repurchase straight away.

    3. Love It  star rating

      Posted by caroline.mbasha on 21st Jun 2017

      Leaves my hair soft after. Smells decent. Would buy again

    4. Very disappointed  star rating

      Posted by Singing curly on 30th Nov 2015

      This simply does not do what it says on the tin: it just doesn't work for my 3b hair. I expect my hair to feel soft and ultra conditioned after using a treatment such as this but this product is so bad that my hair feels like straw when I remove it. I've tried keeping it overnight thinking it might help, in vain. I actually have to use conditioners after rinsing this off to put some moisture BACK in my hair which should most definitely not be required had it done it's job in the first place! A big no no for me I'm afraid.

    5. I SWEAR BY THE PRODUCT  star rating

      Posted by charm on 14th Oct 2015

      this product is the only thing that my high porosity, fine and medium to high density hair likes that actually keeps it soft. I have tried the cantu deep treatment and this as a leave in with glycerine mixed in and a light oil and nothing compares to this product. Its just a shame that my pockets cry when i have to get more of this since my hair misbehaves without it.

    6. Brilliant Deep Conditioning Masque  star rating

      Posted by irishcurlycolleen on 19th Mar 2015

      I tried this with olive oil mixed in and my hair was nice but I also tried it without olive oil and I my hair felt even more soft. I don't think my hair likes oils after much experimenting so I'll keep using it on it's own. It has easy slip and was easy to detangle my hair. I even use it to scrunch out my SM curling smoothie (as I still put to much on my hair) and it leaves my curls soft and bouncy. I will also use it to scrunch out my SM curl soufflé and hopefully get the same results. Great product and will keep purchasing it.

    7. great for moisture  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 27th Jan 2015

      I have had other products in this line and once again I wasn't let down regarding quality. It smells great but it's not over powering. The mask has great slip for detangling. I usually steam with my Shea Moisture mask and the results are pretty good as far as products go.

    8. disappointed  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2014

      I tried this product as a deep conditioner, as a leave in, as a styler, i even tried mixing it with out products. It did nothing and i mean nothing for my hair.

    9. Not great for transitioning curls  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Nov 2014

      No difference to my hair. Actually ended up using the Giovanni 50/50 conditioner as treatment which did the job. I have fine hair and l am mid transition. I preferred the the thickening mask which seemed to work better for my hair. This seems to leave it a bit lifeless.

    10. lovely moisture masque  star rating

      Posted by Nabs on 27th Sep 2014

      I love this masque on my hair it's really moisturising on my natural hair. I have kinky hair that is very prone to dryness so i have to moisturise twice daily and deep deep condition at least once a week depends on how my hair feels. It's not too bad as a detangler but it could have more slip. I will be purchasing soon as i have nearly run out. Good product

    11. Worked on my hair  star rating

      Posted by OAB on 21st Jul 2014

      This product worked amazingly well on my hair. My hair post deep condition was so much softer and curlier.

      The smell does not bother me and isn't too strong in my opinion

    12. Not worth the money  star rating

      Posted by Nikki on 24th Jun 2014

      I hate the smell of the gold label shea moisture products its highly perfumed and smells like a cheap perfume. This treatment mask didn't do anything for my hair and for the price I am actually disappointed. No softness, sheen nada. I am finally giving up my qyest for the perfect deep conditioner and will be making my own without any synthetic fragrance (which may I add has an array of nasties alone despite being "organic"). Therefore I will not be purchasing again but the customer service is 100% so thank you.

    13. Okay conditioner for type 4 hair  star rating

      Posted by Demmy on 23rd Jun 2014

      I always prefer deep conditioning with products that have provide enough moisture as well as slip for detangling. i will say yes to moisture and no for detangling. I mixed this masque with my amla oil to facilitate detangling and I still had more knots to work through so, no, I will not be purchasing again, the soufle however is fantastic-now my staple styling product for wash and go! Has anyone tried the other shea moisture masque?

    14. Very surprised!  star rating

      Posted by Adjoa - 4a hair on 13th Jun 2014

      Unfortunately this product do not work for me at all! I tried it by it'self and with a little oil mixed in. I've actually given it away as I hate wasting products. For some reason I could not detangle with it and my hair felt like straw afterwards. There must be an ingredient in it that my hair doesn't like, I just haven't figured out which one it is yet. It's a shame as I do like a few items from the Shea Moisture but this product just didn't work for me.

    15. Very good  star rating

      Posted by Agata on 12th Jun 2014

      The masque is very good. I'm using it as masque and I'm leaving it for 30 min or more on my hair but more often I'm using it to co-wash my hair. Is detangling my hair really good. Nice smell. really good product.

    16. Very moisturizing....  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 22nd May 2014

      But bad detangler

    17. great for repair and detangling  star rating

      Posted by liz on 18th Jan 2014

      I purchased this product originally when I was transitioning two years ago and it was the best product I had for transitioning hair because it really does help repair your hair and keep it moisturised

      So I decided to try it again now that I'm fully natural I have thick 4a/b curl pattern and before I started using this it would take hours to detangle my hair, now because this has helped repair my ends it is so much easier to detangle and has helped define my curls more effectively.
      I've also noticed a lot less breakage when washing my hair, it doesn't get as knotted as easily as it used to it and like I said before if it does get tangled it is so much easier to detangle as my strands are softer and more manageable now
      If your hair is dry, breaking easily, knotted or transitioning I would recommend this!

    18. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2014

      I LOVE this masque!!
      I use it as a deep conditioner, leave it in for a few hours, rinse and voila!!
      Super soft and moisturized hair! And the smell is lovely!!
      No other deep conditioner that I used works as good for me as this one.

    19. softens hair  star rating

      Posted by Lashana on 28th Dec 2013

      I often use this product as a pre poo or as a deep conditioner. I put it on with a plastic cap and leave for 45mins. It makes my hair so soft and defines curls. This mask also gives great hold when doing twist outs and braid outs. This is a great product with really good ingredients. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is because i'm not overly keen on the smell.

    20. Finally found the right product for me  star rating

      Posted by Claudia on 11th Dec 2013

      I absolutely love this product. perfect for transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. left my hair soft and manageable. I also got the transitioning milk and used it as a leave in conditioner

    21. amazing leave in  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 9th Dec 2013

      Didn't work well for me as a deep treatment but loved it as a leave in x

    22. Very nice  star rating

      Posted by ZoeB on 4th Dec 2013

      Firstly I must commend the service I got from the website. Very impressive. Goods arrived promptly and well packaged. I really love this product. When you look at the ingredients, there's nothing not to love about it. I don't use this as a deep conditioner but for twisting my hair. It leaves my hair super moisturised and really soft all through the week.

    23. Fantastic Deep Treatment  star rating

      Posted by Ebonyessence on 28th Nov 2013

      I could talk about this treatment until the cows come home. In short, what a fantastic masque. I use this masque for twist as oppose to deep treatment. I could not bare to waste it by washing it out. I have a type 4C hair and my hair texture and feel has literally transformed by twisting my hair with it. No more breakage for me since this masque is healing my hair until my wash day. It is my favourite of the Shea Line. It is my staple twist butter not plans to change for now. It has done wonders for my hair literally and will keep it as long it continues to heal my hair. I have given it 5* rating because that is what it deserves.

    24. SUPER  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2013

      Très bon masque!

    25. Excellent and good  star rating

      Posted by beverly on 2nd Sep 2013

      I love the Shea moisture brand, their products are unique for me safe , secure and reasonably priced. I visited USA sometimes ago and bought loads of their stuff. I try the product first time on my daughter hair, she has a 4a hair type, the masque went on softly, and I could say melted away easily. good for detangling. it made me see her hair in a different dimension. When I used it myself it was good but I felt it was not specifically designed for my 3a hair type. but I will say it looks like I would purchase it for my daughter again.

    26. Loved it!  star rating

      Posted by Uni on 27th Jun 2013

      Used for the first time after using henna, usually after a henna treatment my hair is very dry and straw like (but strong) and I would use a basic conditioner mixed with coconut oil. This time I just used deep traetment masque and it left my 4C hair feeling extra soft.

    27. Best leave in twist cream ever!!!  star rating

      Posted by Sutra28 on 5th Feb 2013

      I use this product as a twist cream/ moisturiser on dry or damp hair. It gives me a super defined twist out and my hair is uber soft for days. I am 4b/4c btw. 10 stars to this product.

    28. Awful  star rating

      Posted by Melly on 13th Jan 2013

      Makes my hair Dry as hay ,absolutley awful.i used it as pree poo,Deep conditioner ,big failI m very disappointed . 2c hair .

    29. so so  star rating

      Posted by curliely on 14th Dec 2012

      this did not work too well for me, i cannot stand the scent of this product as it tends to linger too much. otherwise slip is not instant, u have to wait a while to be able to detangle. it has some softening effect on the hair but i would not repurchase

    30. best best best!! deep conditioner i have ever used XD  star rating

      Posted by charm on 21st Nov 2012

      I have 4a hair, normal/to high porosity, normal strand hair and my hair loves oils. This is honestly the best conditioner i have used on my hair and i have used ALOT of different ones, I used it to deep condition and left it in to dry and didn't have to seal my hair as the moisture stayed in my hair (the Shea butter I'm guessing). My hair is soft like butter and I also noticed curl definition. Finally, I used Eco styler gel over it and usually have to rise my hair the next day because its hard but my hair is soft and feels moisturized still. I will definitely repurchase this product

    31. Superb!  star rating

      Posted by NailaNaturally on 15th Nov 2012

      Hair feels rejuvenated, loved and appreciated! Such soft curls. Really moisturises very well on 3c/4a afro hair!

    32. niceee  star rating

      Posted by chanel on 5th Oct 2012

      great thick conditioner
      personally use it as a leaving
      keeps hair soft and healthy but dont really like the smell

    33. Amazing, so far!  star rating

      Posted by May on 28th Mar 2012

      I've only just started using this product, and i feel like it has already started to repair my hair.

      I use it as a leave in, and then I use the bee mine balanced moisturiser on top of it and then I seal with either Shea butter again (Shea butter overload, I know, lol), or an oil. My braid out stayed defined and it gave me a lot of volume which I really liked and at the same time my hair felt really nice and soft to touch.
      I will repurchase.

    34. New fave!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2012

      Finally used this deep conditioner last night. I was worried because if has gotten mixed reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised. I left it on for an hour after a co-wash with a plastic cap. My hair was soft, moisturized, & my curls were defined. I added jojoba oil to it, but I do that to all my DC's. & the price!!!! Much better than more expensive products.

    35. Good product  star rating

      Posted by Dee on 28th Feb 2012

      I hated this product as a deep treatment masque as it left my hair dry and straw like but as a twist/braid out aid, it gave me great definition, moisture and shine. I also love the fact that it does not contain coconut as my hair hates the stuff but the majority of products have it as an ingredient.

    36. Love it!!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2012

      I used this product for a braid out and it looked beautiful. Then later in the week I wet my hair and put some gel on it my hair looked and felt gorgeous. Would definitely re-purchase this product.

    37. MY HAIR FELT LIKE STAW  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Jan 2012

      Shampooo was BEAUTIFUL, so I was excited for this hair masque - however it was awful, my hair felt like waxy straw! Sooo disappointed

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